The Crystal Canyons


Sprawling canyons that rise and fall. Veins of purple crystal run underfoot and break up from the ground from small clusters to massive spires. Each crystal emits a dim light from within its core.

Fauna & Flora

The canyons are barren of organic life. The only known denizens of this area are the crystal elementals that roam the landscape.

Natural Resources

The canyons are named for their crystal formations. This material is highly volatile, but a rich magical resource.

A Siege on the Material Plane

  This area is believed to have been formed from a battle, waged millennia ago by elementals from the Plane of Earth against the mortals that dwelled on the material plane. This was apart of the ancient grudge between primordials and the gods.   The battle rendered the land barren of life, due to the oversaturation of magic that now creates dangerous crystal growths.
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