Dinokil, Shadow Hunter, Talanjite of the Seventh Rastari Cohort, adept Dinomancer and apprentice Monk. In short, a Jack-of-all-trades from the Zandalari Empire. Being young and often reckless, Dinokil has a never-ending thirst for power and knowledge, never missing an opportunity to learn something new or grow his experience. With Eraka no Kimbul as his primary loa, the Shadow Hunter is driven by his honor and pride, acting as secondary leader of the Painted Shields under Tetrarch Kezuga.  


Dinokil was born in a small village in Zuldazar called Zeb'ahari. He spent his childhood surfing near the coasts of his village and training to one day become a master Dinomancer. Unfortunately, he soon learned of his father's death in Kun'lai Summit, when the united troll tribes tried to conquer Pandaria for themselves. Hurt and angry, he packed his things and joined a fleet of reinforcements that were setting sail to join assembled tribes in battle, though he was still just a big kid. Pandaria wasn't what he thought, as the role of a Dinomancer was not to fight and kill in the name of the empire as he had wanted, but to raise and tame warbeasts. As the weeks passed, all Dinokil felt was failure. He left his mother alone in Zeb'ahari and he couldn't use his skills to avenge his father. Dinokil’s pride was turning to shame. It was then that spirits called out to the young Dinomancer, knowing his fate. The spirits spoke of his true purpose, not to raise dinosaurs as a mere Dinomancer, but to guide his people as a Shadow Hunter. Dinokil answered the call of the spirits and returned to Zuldazar, leaving all his things on the Isle of Giants, taking only a raptor egg with him, to start his shadow hunter training. A known elder from Zeb'ahari, Shadow Hunter Vidaari, took Dinokil under his wing and started the training of the young Dinomancer. Dinokil was quick to learn hexes, voodoo and shadow magic, leaving only the rites of passage before him. Loa and ancient troll spirits, including his father's, tested Dinokil's might, pride and all he learned, before allowing him to emerge a Shadow Hunter.   After everything that had happened, Dinokil no longer sought to avenge his father. He forgot about things that didn't matter; all he wanted was to help the assembled tribes in conquering new land and giving his race a brighter future. The young Shadow Hunter came back to Zeb'ahari, expecting applause, but what he found was nothing of the sort. Years had passed since he left. The assembled tribes had lost on the Isle of Thunder long ago, Zul was a traitor, and the God-King Rastakhan himself was hiding in Dinokil's small village. This time, Dinokil didn't hesitate. He joined the Rastari forces to help his king in protecting his Empire. Blood God Zul the Faithless was defeated, but the worst had yet to come. The God-King Rastakhan fell to the Alliance, but Dinokil was not mourning for long. As Queen Talanji allied the Empire with the Horde, the Shadow Hunter made his way to Orgrim's city where he met the Seventh Rastari Cohort and joined their ranks. It took him seven months to prove himself enough, to become it's second in command as a Talanjite, but the title itself didn't mean much to him. It was when his mentor, Warbringer Ar'khala, said that he was proud of what Dinokil had become and passed on his legendary axe, the Hexbreaker, to the young Shadow Hunter, that he truly felt pride.