Arnall Hollowtongue

For my Kingdom, there is no greater sacrifice.


  Once serving Lordaeron as a loyal Footman, Arnall Hollowtongue died during the siege of the Capital city in the Second war. Raised to undeath by the Dark lady's Val'kyr, he was sent to the Gilnean front to be another corpse to join the meat grinder. After surviving the battle of Gilneas, he continued to serve the Forsaken loyalty for the years to come, Until he joined the ranks of High Executor Perroy's Rotgarde.     Arnall doesn't ask question, he doesn't speak much, he was just another soldier to join yet another unit, until everything would change when he became a Death knight during an ambush by the Ebon Blade.     But after all that has happened, he continues to serve the Stygian legion, now as a Corporal of the Queenguard and still holding some of his humanity he has left. Arnall stands proud, ready to die for his Kingdom and for the Forsaken.
Icy Blue
Aligned Organisation
The Rotgarde