How to create a new world in World Management Knowledge Base | World Anvil

How to create a new world

A world on World Anvil is a setting, the place where your story or campaign happens. It could be an actual planet, or it could be a single village or an entire universe. To create a new world, follow these steps:

  1. Open the world switcher on the top menu bar (click your world name).
  2. At the end of your worlds list there will be a New World button. Click it.
  3. In the world creation screen, enter your world name and, if you want, a description too. You'll see three additional options (all of them optional):
    • If you're a Guild member, you can choose to make the world private. Otherwise, it will be public.
    • If you are a Game Master, choose your RPG system. If you aren't using World Anvil for an RPG, leave it empty.
  4. Click the Save and Proceed button and your world will be created!