How to switch text editors in World Anvil Interface Knowledge Base | World Anvil

How to switch text editors

World Anvil has two different article editors you can use depending on your needs. Here's how to switch between them!

  1. Click your profile picture at the top right and select Interface.
  2. In the Editor Selection menu, choose your preferred editor:
    • Plato (simple editor): Use Plato if you don't want to use BBCode and instead want a simplified preview of the article as you type. Note that Plato is currently in an experimental state.
    • Euclid (BBCode editor): Euclid is optimized for BBCode thanks to its syntax highlighting features, which will help you write and understand BBCode tags faster.
  3. After choosing the editor, click "Save changes" to apply the change.

To learn more about BBCode, read the Guide to BBCode.