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How to create tables with BBCode

Tables are amazing tools to display structured data about your world, so let's look at how you can create them!


This article explains how to create tables with the BBCode editor. If you're using the WYSIWYG editor, simply click the Table icon in the toolbar (note that you won't be able to add or remove cells after the table is initially created).


Additionally, if you're a Guild member, you can use interactive tables. Simply find the Tables link under Advanced Tools in the sidebar.


How to create BBCode tables

Take a look at this example. We'll break down what each tag does below:

[th]Header cell[/th]
[th]Another header cell[/th]
[td]Some data would go here[/td]
[td]And even more data here![/td]
Header cell Another header cell
Some data would go here And even more data here!

As you can see, the entire table is wrapped in the [table]...[/table] tags. Then, we use three different tags to create the different parts of the table:

  • [tr]...[/tr]: Tables are organized by rows; everything wrapped in this tag (which stands for table row) will be placed in a single row.
  • [th]...[/th]: These tags define header cells. In the default theme, they have a red background and bold white text.
  • [td]...[/td]: These tags define regular cells.

You can use regular BBCode formatting inside any cells (including links, italics, and more).