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Time of Vengance

A Mutants & Masterminds game In the world of The Freedomverse
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They soar on the wings of eagles and move with the speed of thought. Their strength rivals the gods of myth and their wis­dom illuminates the darkest of mysteries. With their heroism, they give hope to millions; with their courage, they inspire us all. They are the costumed heroes of Freedom City.   Protecting the most remarkable city in the world from strange and fantastic menaces is a supreme challenge, but Freedom’s superhuman champions have been more than worthy of the task. Under the superheroes’ watchful eyes, the city has remained safe. Not all those in Freedom City who donned colorful costumes and performed good deeds, however, did so with the power of Samson, the wisdom of Solomon, or the renown of David. For some, their greatest gifts were their generosity of spirit and raw courage. The only honor they received was the knowledge that they were acting for the greater good.   For some heroes, this is reward enough. There was one, however, whose lack of godlike prowess led to the all-too-human sin of envy. The obscurity in which she lived fueled a deep and abiding resent­ment. When her act of self-sacrifice was instead branded a betrayal, the goodness within her perished. By the time her mortal flesh perished, her soul was nothing more than a seething cauldron of jealousy, hatred, and a need for revenge. It was then that her desire for deific power was fulfilled. Her time for vengeance is now.   One of your own has fallen and Freedom City is at its hour of greatest peril. Grab your cape and cowl, hero. It’s time to save the city again.

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