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The Game of Shadows

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Requiem
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Supporting Cast
  • Lord Archibald
    An old, frail noble who rules the kingdom of Veridia in name, if not in practise. He spends his dieing days watching the competition for his throne. Many think him senile, but beneath the mask of age his mind is as sharp as ever.
  • Lavindia Nightshade
    A dangerous Tiefling warlock with an unquenchable thirst for power. She wears lavish black robes, contrasting with her violet skin, and as much jewellery as she can fit on her long fingers. NOTE: is a previous player character.
  • Unranyn Dolasmath
    A mysterious sea elf, Dolasmath is one of the competitors for the Raven Throne. She has Magickal powers, and is skilled at manipulating her foes for her own ends. She wears long flowing robes and has a tall white staff she never parts with
Welcome to the Court of Lord Archibald in Veridia, an island city-state teetering on the brink of change. Nestled on tiny Perrin Island, a few hundred kilometres of the sword coast, Vlademoor castle is famous throughout the Realms for it's lavish hospitality and parties. But it's owner, Lord Archibald, a once strong and fine ruler now lies bedridden, his ailing health casting a long shadow over his court. As his days wane, the factions of Veridia vie for control, dispatching their most cunning agents to manipulate the coming power shift. The Crimson Sash, the Bloodied Legion, the Eternal Brotherhood, the Emerald Eye, the Steel Serpent, Scragbeard's Raiders, and more lurk in the shadows, each seeking advantage amongst the courts subtle dance of secrets and lies.   Beware, for identities are veiled, and alliances fragile in this spider's web of intrigue. As agents of these factions, your task is to navigate this intricate landscape, wielding your skills with finesse, and concealing you true allegiances from allies and enemies alike. The courtly stage is set, and where every move hides hides a thousand motives, and every hides a blade, how well can you play the Game of Shadows?   The Game of Shadows is a spies and politics themed game, with dungeon crawling and murder mystery elements. Each of you is one of the 20 spies invited to Castle Vlademoor to play at the Game of Shadows, an ancient practice designed to assure that the next to sit on the Raven Throne is cunning, strong, and not afraid to trick people. This is done by leaving anyone who does not meet these criteria dead. Each of you has been sent by one faction to achieve their goals in the castle, and maybe even claim the Raven Throne for yourself.   NOTE: THIS IS NOT A REQUIEM CAMPAIGN. IT IS UNDER REQUIEM FOR CONVIENIENCE.

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