The Ebon Expedition

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A Swordsfall game
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A bold new expedition is about to lift off. For too long the Ebon Cascade has been an untouchable land. Full of taint, poison, and twisted creatures. And yet, one of the most valuable resources in Tikor sits. Untouched. The Fifth Expedition is underway. Can they succeed? Or will they disappear into history like the last four?

Sessions List

Past Session

2nd Nov 2019

The Depature V2

There was some issues with the equipment. After a brief pause, they restarted the meeting.

2nd Nov 2019

The Departure

The crew has been picked. The supplies have been secured. It's time.

Lore & Supporting Cast

Supporting Cast
  • "Weaponsmaster" Kasim Lastlight
    Quiet with a piercing loot. They act as the Weaponsmaster for the trip and the designated defense organizer in combat.
  • "King of Ramnos" Matan Longisus
    A straightforward and often cold man. With a will steel enough to launch a coup on his own nephew, Matan is not to be underestimated. Or trifled with.
  • "Doc" Toslin Dusk
    The main Sunu for the expedition. A former veteran of the Vinyatian army, they've seen just about anything.
  • "Navigator" Zemora
    The trusty navigator for The Fifth Expedition. Known for their nerves under pressure, there's no one better for such a crazy trip.
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  • Map of Tikor

    The world map of Tikor