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Toy Soldiers: The Stalwart Saga

A Pathfinder 1e game In the world of Toy Soldier Saga
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  A crew of young midshipmen from a recently-discovered, backwater system, goes on a shakedown cruise...and find themselves in the midst of the First Interstellar War. Can their captain, a former privateer, and their straight-laced XO, guide them through the extraordinary challenges they are about to face?   --This campaign airs live every second Saturday night at 6 pm Pacific / 9 pm Eastern / 1 am Monday UTC on Twitch!--   Check out Sable's YouTube channel for the episodes you've missed, or subscribe to our Patreon!   Cover image created by Diane Morrison from characters created in HeroForge
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  • Known Space
    The known star systems and wormholes in the universe, as explored by starfarers.
Supporting Cast

Sessions Archive

29th May 2022

Welcome to the War Part four-Session 4

second floor same as the first

14th May 2022

Welcome to the War part three-Session 3

I'm a goblin slayer a thorn blade player with a Elven habbit. Kill the goblins.! Do nits make lice? Asteroid cleaning continues

16th Apr 2022

Welcome to the War part two-Session 3

astroid base clean up

2nd Apr 2022

Welcome to the War: Session 1

Storming the Astroid

20th Mar 2022

Embarking-session 0

Session 0 Hopefully we will get into actual adventure


The Protagonists

Ensign Firin Fernpine

4-Level Fighter

Anais Evergarden

Elf (Sidhe)
3-Level Investigator

Rusa Meeser

Squire Fislyn Nebugleam

Midshipman Renvair Everdream

Zinare Autumnshade

-Level Druid3

Tylara Darkstar

5-Level Rogue 10-Level Honorable Dread Pirate