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Fires of Valdara (Shenanigoons: Campaign 1)

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of The World of Vayl
2017 2019 | Full
Campaign One of Shenanigoons

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Sessions Archive

18th Jun 2019

"Infinite Tea" Episode 7

28th May 2019

Shenanigoons: Infinite Tea, ep 6

The players seek out the identity of the elusive Jolly Green Giant!

27th May 2019

Shenanigoofs 5-26-19 take 2

26th May 2019

Shenanigoofs 5-26-19

14th May 2019

Tonight Test

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The Protagonists

Bonnie Reed

Marric Strider

Birchfield Institute Proctor Arthur Dunbar

Adelaide Chaucer