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Shadows of the Void

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of The Realm of Beardsgaard
2020 | Full
When a bunch of folks find themselves in the various crosshairs of cultish activities, they set off to find the source of their various personal troubles. Before long, they find themselves drawn to the Void itself, conscripted to save the Realm from evil.

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Wed 25th May 2022 19:00

Westward, ho?

Thanks the the gang's unwittingly setting up a far more competent cult to take over in a way that could irreparably rip open the Void, they are now tasked with lighting the metaphorical beacons in a last ditch effort to save the world.

The Protagonists

Ripp Bundtlette

Berric Shag-Crannon


Jepos Bafflestone