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The Third Rising

A Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Modern game In the world of Colonies of Tegryon
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Supporting Cast
  • Arbiter or High Priestess Abigail Thom
    Description: A genuinely warm and friendly demeanor designed to put people at ease masks an at times ruthless instinct for trade. She does not flaunt her wealth as those of Waukeen are wont to do but lets her simplicity make a strong statement about her power. Bio: The judge of everything that happens in the markets of Ruthven she is well aware of almost all of the transactions taking place in her city. It is to her that merchants apply to make sure deals are honoured and respected, she is an advocate of open and honest trade.
  • Abner Hallifax
    Description: A kindly looking sort he looks like the nice uncle.. you know, not the weird one. Surrounded by his books and charts he is happiest. Bio: An honourary member of the University after his bequest of an astronomical device to the university. He has largely been content to remain on his large plantation on the outskirts of Ruthven, Halfsteader House hosting the occasional discussion of the Tegryonic Society for the Promotion of the Naturalist Sciences.
  • Adam Johnsson
    Spoke up passionately during the Four Years War in defence of civil liberties which were being limited by the wartime government of Cameran. One of the first and most open champions fo the Third Rising in the colonies. Recieved a vicious scar during the Cameran riots at the hand of the constabulary.
  • Adrian Heller
    Wearing a raggedy uniform and the pin of the church of the Skull he moves with the arrogant air of someone who expects you to get out of his way because he knows important people. One of the new Health Inspectors after the Act for Protection of the Destitute established a few of these to safeguard the health of the urban poor of Maitlund. They have a reputation for severity in the enforcement of their moral judgements. How this particularly poor example of humanity rose in a church organisation is the talk of the town.
  • Captain Isaac Brock
    Certainly not given to humour or other such displays of weakness Captain Brock nevertheless avoids a reputation for being completely dry by not saying much. He is enormous though weighing easily 130kgs and none of it fat. He is respected by his men for his honest and fair policies as well as a reputation for sheer badassery he built up in campaigns for the Ethrans around the world. Commander of the fort overlooking Crasson Pass into the frontier.
  • Governor Martha Dunmore
    The tough old governor has a reputation for shrewdness Wearing a widow’s black since the death of her husband nearly a decade ago this straight backed old lady makes her decades out of fashion clothes her own statement about power. Clearly used to being obeyed she represents royal authority in the provence of Maitlund.
  • Simon Roderick
    Well I suppose this is him. He smells as messy as he looks and his strangely intense eyes dart around the room as though he sees far more than you do. His voice is raspy and gravelly and his sentences rarely fully finished. Closer inspection of his necklace reveals them to be finger bones. Oh how tasteful.
  • Sir Henrietta Wilcock
    Entitled by her colonel's rank to wear military uniform after her service. She is clearly older than her apparent age but moves with the grace of a swordswoman. She is calm and direct in her communications as though still in command of the Navy ship on which she earned her fame. A Colonel in the Ethran Navy she was discharged with all appropriate honours after the Four Years war and used her decommissioning to buy herself a seat on the Tegryon Directorate. Since then she has invested cautiously but seems to be doing well for herself.
  • Susanna Copthorne
    A tough scarred weather beaten woman of middle years A tough Patrian woman whose gear betrays a lifetime of violence. Her stout stature and broad shoulders have broken many opponents over the years. The easy life of casual violence sits well on her she has worked with the Broken Crown now for her entire adult life and has seen violence around the entire world. After the breakup of the Broken Crown she has accepted a position working for Vander and Sons.
  • Syndra Vox
    A beautiful elven woman who slips through the wilds with a practiced grace Wearing the traditional leathers of her people she is clearly a competent warrior and her Ethran garb marks her out as something of a bridge between the colonists and her tribe. Initially caused a scandal by taking one of the colonists as her lover they seem to have since come around. She is nevertheless well regarded by her tribe as a protector and scout. After her marriage she has taken off back to defend the Taelenshae lands from the oncoming horde. She has distinguished herself in the campaign as a highly deadly warrior.
  • Taygretus Arae
    A tall physically powerful elf with a cruel visage Bedecked in the war panoply of his people he is terrifying. He clearly handles himself with e grace of a veteran and his contemptuous disdain for the shortlived is obvious. One of the few who fought at the Battle of Ruthven and survived he challenged for the position of leadership of the tribe but was defeated by Y’relle Ulaine since then he has subsided into quiet mutterings about the failures to adequately protect tribal lands from the invaders.
  • Thangrail Lehtian
    A tall elderly elf with a stooped back and a grim demeanour Wrapped in his ceremonial garb it is difficult to see how frail he has become after the many winters of service in his tribe. He has been the wise hand behind the Aran’shai for centuries now steering them on a path between protecting their homelands and conflict with the new comers. He involves himself in their affairs only to combat the Blight that occurs in the colonists lands but is otherwise quite isolationist. He spoke for the acceptance of Ghotti at the Druidic Council and has yet to regret his choice. A member of the Twilight Circle dedicated to restoring the dead to death. That is confusing what I mean is punching undead.
  • The Darrow
    An ominous chill fills the air before you catch sight of this spirit A powerful spirit of the land composed of an animated trees. The spirit glides through the woods as though the land moves aside to ease its passage. A survivor of a vanished time committed to protecting its territory and working for the preservation of the wild places in Redmond.
  • The Wido
    The bent elderly frame doesn't hide a fiery thirst for vengeance
  • Tuern
    A beautiful young elf with violet eyes and a haunted expression Even among his people the eyes mark him out as one touched by the Fey. He moves with a lithe grace and a dancer’s step, it is easy to see him the role of honey trap well he would but for the fine shackles a
  • Vasatasena
    Elderly but you would never guess it or say it to her face. She has been the priestess of Sune in Ruthven for nearly thirty years now. It was her that stared down the Puritan demagogue Charles Whitman when he wanted to run the ‘purveyors of sin’ from the town by the authority of Gond and Tyr. She has protected the bawdy House of the Velvet Pearl for nearly as long as she has been in the city and its clean reputation is largely due to her work.
  • Victor Donaldson
    An immaculate suit and well groomed mustache cannot hide the fact that this man has lived a hard life on the frontiers. A miner who has done well for himself Victor has risen from the bottom of the colonies and is an example of what those who work hard for themselves can achieve in Tegryon. He now owns several mines dotted throughout Frederick County. His mines are run with a surprisingly progressive attitude towards worker safety and his popularity among his constituents reflects that. His vote for John Tyler was essential in his campaign victory and he revealed himself as a man of principle on that night. He has also announced a partnership of sorts with a dwarven mining firm, utilising their experience to improve his darksteel yields.
  • Violet Franklin
    Secretly the child of Tuern the Redeemed who was tasked with bringing druidism back to the colonies by the Lady of Thorns. This was done by extending her reach by blood into Lamradil by sending his bloodline back to Ethran. To do this he fathered many children including Alexander Bloodsworth and had them sent across the seas. This is due to the Lady being able to use his descendants in her plans.
  • Walter Tyler
    A stunningly pretty man with the dashing air of swashbuckling rogue With an insouciant grin and ridiculously confident demeanour it seems he would be hard not to like if he wasn’t robbing you Pretty sure he died after he was chopped down after his ignominious equine defenestration. Rumours persist of him leading a radical band of Third Rising in the area of Maitlund though
  • William Bloodsworth
    Fashionably dressed and wearing the pin of the Ethran Trading Charter The middle son of the Bloodsworth family took a position in the Ethran Trading Charter and has done very well for himself, nearly earning himself a position on the Board of Directors at a very young age.. His risky business adventures have met with mixed success.
  • Y'relle Ulaine
    Fierce and lithe the war leader of the Taelenshae has the quiet authority any brigadier general would admire. Watching her move gives the impression of violence on a short leash. The war leader of the Taelenshae. Probably responsible for the Massacre of Hartford. She lent her support to Royce Coolidge‘s blackmail of the PC’s.