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Lost in Shadow

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Athesia
September 2018 | Full
After being transported to a new an unfamiliar land by an Orb stolen from a statue in a literal house of horrors, the party found themselves in a small village they would learn to be called Eidlum in a world that is not their own. What pulled them into this world and for what reason? What awaits them in the unfamiliar lands of Clolst, who can they trust, and who should they not?

This story is told by

Supporting Cast
  • Fara Barlow
    The mother of Kelryn and Z'nir Barlow, widow of Torin, and daughter of Bram. She is a botanist and doctor in the village of Eidlum and works to care for anyone she comes across. She welcomed you into her home and aided in your quest to stop the werewolves from accosting the village further by providing health potions and advice.
  • Galv Holt
    A scarred, broken eared Sun Elf whose bulky and stern. He's saved your lives and welcomed you into his town and hunter's guild.
  • Kelryn Barlow
    A teenage moon elf who is brash and rude to the party, though slowly warming up. He seems to have an affinity to magic like his brother and father, and has a general distaste towards the party members and Na'ami. He seems friendly with Na'ami now, but still a little cold towards you.
  • Na'ami of Eidlum
    A young celestial elf met in the town of Eidlum. Her right arm is burned and she's a gifted sorcerer whose background is shrouded in mystery due to her memory loss... she's currently researching her own past while the party is off on new adventures.
  • Olunda Vorvin
    Drow Paladin, trusted member of the Adamant Order of Iresari, friend to the party.
  • Rixim Barlow
    A nervous young looking moon-elven man who runs The Sleeping Owlbear in the village of Eidlum. He is the older cousin of Kelryn and Z'nir Barlow. He drinks to forget the party.
  • Torin Barlow
    The mysterious wizard and husband of Fara, father of Z'nir and Kelryn. It seems that he dove into some forbidden knowledge and possibly magic, and has lived a long and apparently adventurous life before he settled down in Eidlum. What he knew is a mystery to uncover.


Scheduled Sessions

Fri 21st May 2021 18:00

Welcome to Iresari

It has been two weeks since your arrival to Iresari, The Infernal City. Streets here in the lower circles are narrow and tightly packed, especially during the evening rush. Restaurants and bars with only a few seats, stalls handing out quick snacks and drinks, vendors for home goods, clothing, and even books line the street. It’s foreign and fast-paced but is a nice change from the empty forests and backwater towns that you’ve become familiar with. Plus, it’s easy to blend in here. The smells of fried sweet doughs and grilled meats fill the air, and there’s a buzz in the air as everyone winds down from their days, though a few of you do notice that things feel off, if only a bit. You’re headed to the Fire and Ice Alehouse to meet with Olunda for the first time since you arrived, and Voxis said she’d make an appearance later to give you guys some information on a job to earn some much-needed cash.

Sessions Archive

10th Oct 2021

10 October

26th Sep 2021

Sept 26: Onwards to the Garden City

Finally, the party has wrapped up all that they needed in the city of Iresari. They head off to Emyran Thalor, The Garden City, to find their friends Ryn and Na'ami after an ominous warning was given to them by The Shade of Memories, Lord Aschere the Drage of the House of Virtues. Unfortunately, as the party will soon see, nothing will ever go quite as smoothly as they would hope. What stands in the way between them and their friends? Only time will tell...

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12th Sep 2021

12 September: What the fuck is UP with that guy.

Y'know. That ball that Mr. Aschere the Drage dropped on you was one that... most of you didn't expect. On one hand, you now know that you're being watched. On the other... You have a bad feeling about this. For now, though, you have some things to wrap up in Iresari.

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19th Jul 2020

A Return to Form

Last we left off, most of the party had been arrested by the Bronze Guard of Cinisbury Bay, Khelgan to be questioned by their Capitan.

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29th Sep 2019

Settling Mists

New faces await to be seen...

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3rd Jul 2019

The Journey Continues: Graymoor Calls

The party continues on their journey to the Infernal City...

The Protagonists

Creecher Drift

Level 8 Kenku Chaotic Neutral Shadow Sorceror
34 / 39 HP

Chien Dala

Level 10 High Elf/Sun Elf Clown Wizard
/ 72 HP

Astrid Azelhart

Neutral Half Elf ()
Hexblade warlock 8
51 / 51 HP

D'Thanael Thanael

Level 8 Gnoblin Awful Bard
/ 51 HP

Detective Greybone Khelgan Greybone

Level 8 Tortle Neutral Good Monk: Way of the storm
52 / 62 HP