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The Call of the Flame

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Requiem
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Supporting Cast
  • Godslayer Aesir Knoperferkel
    He is a strong, sombre Vindictum Mortis warrior who leads the warband the party belongs too and is a mentor to the initiates of the band. He leads the band with an iron fist, but is more friendly around the younglings.
  • Amelia Fang
    Erebus is a cold and calculating private asassin, currently in the pay of the tyrant known only as The Serpent but she has served many masters over the years. She has magical powers and often uses them to polymorph. She is inescapable and the only person ever to escape her is the Serpent, who became her client.
  • High Lord Draco VilindiĆ­r
    Draco Vildnir is almost always known as The Serpent for few know his name. He is extremely secretive and let's no one into his life, except Amelia Fang, his chief asassin. He is a cold and snake-like man with slotted eyes and a flat nose.
  • Garniir Berkendson
    A grim, angry warrior who has been ruthlessly pushing through the competition in the parties warband to become the successor of Aesir Knoperferkel and hates the party because they're beating him to it
  • Winston No-name
    He is a deranged, feverish mutant who leads the God cults on Anthan'Angbar and wants to sacrifice the party to the God of Fire. He was kidnapped years ago and mutated into the monstrous rat-creature he is today.

Session 0

Characters, planning and expectations

Scheduled Sessions

Mon 1st January 2024 12:00

Session 2: The cult of fire

The Firekeepers encounter a cult of god-worshipers and mut fight a great deity of fire. Meanwhile inside the Firekeepers trouble is brewing...

Fri 1st December 2023 12:00

Session 1: The Aesirian Sucsesion

The leader of your warband, Aesir Knoperferkel, is growing old and will soon be lost to Vel'Hamran, so he has decreed that one of the younglings of the band must step up and replace him...

Sessions Archive

29th Oct 2023


The Firekeepers warband battles beasts, cults, gods and even its self as it roams the wastelands of Anthan'Angbar. The Firekeepers are a sombre band of the Vindictum Mortis who swore to watch the wastelands a thousand years ago, now new blood takes the band further north to seek new adventure...

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