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Out of the Frozen Soutn (Ouroboros)

A game In the world of Ouros
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Supporting Cast
  • Chiyo Kiya & Dai Ko: Crabfolk Mercenaries
    Excellent and loyal fighters who are bored & chatty even as they fight.
  • Dimitri
    Yeti Site Manager/Excavation Worker: burly, bit surly, sergeant-esque. Dimitri wants things to run smoothly and he hates surprises: his goal is to keep things running so well that his superiors don't even think about his business. He is determined to do his job and expects that King & Council will see things right; he is rough but not cruel and won't conscience abuses.
  • Magda
    Tiny (for a yeti) and energetic proprietress of the Crown & Trident. Aunt of Stanis, interested in keeping Insara a safe & comfortable place to be and helping her nephew. She doesn't hold with forced labor & oppression, likes to let folks pretty much do as they wish.
  • Prince
    The Prince is handsome, urbane, and charming. He is deeply disturbed by the idea that his father might have acted against the interests of his people and claims to be very interested in the common folk, if powerless to improve their lot.
  • Rudy
    Old-school excavator, yeti, doesn't hold with new-fangled machinery. Likes Magda + Stanis and is willing to help get Adventurers into excavation, even during royal inspection. Thinks Prince would fix things if he had power.

Scheduled Sessions

Mon 27th July 2020 18:00

IV Conclusion: Out of the Dungeon and Into Insara

Sessions Archive

3rd Aug 2020

V: Deep Into Insara

Something is amiss in Insara. Will you ever see your allies again? Who sold the yeti children, and why? Will you be able to stop the corruption that has begun?

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20th Jul 2020

IV middle: Through the Dungeon

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13th Jul 2020

IV beginning: Into the Dungeon

In the aftermath of a strangely underpowered pirate assault, Our Adventurers unlock more secrets: the heart of the ship, the strange source of the slavers' repair materials, and the secret to hatching Saji's egg. Most strangely of all they find themselves transported into a great stone warren of rooms and corridors, traps and treasures.

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