Of Barrows and Bounty

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of The World of Tabled
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The year is 1291. Almost 100 years after the Herald of the End brought the world to its knees, time continues to flow on a gentler stream. However, war never changes. In the nation of Balfor, known for its centuries of war, a sell-sword, a cleric, a rogue, and an unfortunate deserter find trouble on a still night on the Hills of Grayven. Skirting the line between two nations of Tactant and Armenas, a mutual trust is formed as the group rides the waves of this tumultuous time.

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17th Feb 2020

Session II: Seafood, Seaports, and Seasonal Trouble

Along the sea, the group of four spots a pale port town to the North that seems hospitable as the main roads are to be avoided thanks to their new pursuers.

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11th Feb 2020

Session I: Flight from Grayven

After defeating a dungeon and finding less than lucrative spoils, a trio of adventurers take a respite at The Board Goat and find more that weak ale.

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