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The Search for the Keys of Telku

A Pathfinder 1e game In the world of Anoria
| Looking for Players
Five Keys of Telku, artifacts of unimagineable power, are scattered across Anoria. Who will be the first to unite them all and unlock their secrets? As retainers of Lord Tarrus of Liem, you will search out these arcane relics and secure them from the forces of darkness which wish to use them to spread death, chaos, and destruction across the face of the land.

This story is told by



  • Anoria and the Known Lands
    The continent of Anoria
Supporting Cast
  • Night
    Deadly ninja warrior of the Amita K'un

Scheduled Sessions

Sun 10th October 2021 21:00

The Keys of Telku / Into the Fire pt. 10 / Von the 21st, 3593 CE / 10-10-21

The dragon was defeated. At least for now. But were they out of danger?