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Forgotten Realms Adventures

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of The Forgotten Realms
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Welcome to our adventures in the Forgotten Realms!   We will be starting off with some short linked adventures which will eventually lead us into several popular official campaigns.
The Protagonists
Faelian Sylwithe
Barry Sanchez
Guisatz Thornburrow

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Supporting Cast


Sessions Archive

9th Oct 2019

Session 16: Elturel - Murder in Baldur's Gate

The party head downriver to the city of Baldur's Gate. They arranged to join a caravan and Citrus settles an old score.

28th Aug 2019

Session 13: Scooby Noobs - Encounters on the road

21st Mar 2019

Session 6: Scooby Noobs - Dusk danger

A young gnome needs rescuing

7th Mar 2019

Session 5: Scooby Noobs - Nice tomb meet you...

Tricky quest, more combat involved but need to use brains for this one too.....

7th Feb 2019

Session 4: Scooby Noobs - A nasty shock

A home game for the adventurers and lots to learn!

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30th Jan 2019

Session 3: Scooby Noobs - The Rescue!

Deeper into the cave complex, a sad end and a new friend...

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23rd Jan 2019

Session 2: Scooby Noobs - Onwards and downwards

A new adventure leads the party into darkness

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16th Jan 2019

Session 1: Scooby Noobs - An awkward meeting

The groups comes together and sets off on adventure!

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