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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game
In the world of Arhor'ha

12/01/18 04/27/19

This story is told by

Sweet dreams are made of these.
Who am I to disagree?
Traveled the world and the Arhorian Seas.
Everybody is looking for something.

The Protagonists
Brindle Stone


Sessions List

Past Session

29th Dec 2018

Session 5: Lights

22nd Dec 2018

Session 4: Dusk and Dawn

The last rays of sun disappear over the horizon as the party approaches the Dawnforges. The Devil is in the details as they chance upon another party and work out how to past the security measures of the industrial complex.

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15th Dec 2018

Session 3: Court of Stone

The Wayfinders handle elemental judgement before traveling further towards Starset Lake. People from Safina and Elara's past appear as stalkers of the wilderness catch up with them.

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8th Dec 2018

Session 2: Acorn and the Stone

The Wayfinders make their way to where they believe Starset Lake to be.

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2nd Dec 2018

Session 1: Not all those who wander are lost

Gabriel and Mig grab dinner at the Green Stag as Cassandre's trail on the cultists turns up cold. Safina learns that his mentor is in the northern wilderness and Elara follows her own journey guided by words and stars.

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Maps & Timelines



  • Map of Eastern Arhor'ha - Verde Area