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Adventures in the Ebony Kingdom

A World of Darkness 5th Edition (Paradox) game In the world of World of Darkness
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Silas Grimson having been set the task of locating a mysterious relic by Seraphima, gathers a band of adventurors and heads for the Ebony Kingdom

This story is told by



  • South Africa
  • Capetown
Supporting Cast

Sessions Archive

12th Dec 2020

Session 25: Lusakert

7th Nov 2020

Session 24: Delphi

17th Oct 2020

Session 23: The Necropolis of Le-Muri

1st Aug 2020

Session 22:

18th Jul 2020

Leaving with the Carnac stones

11th Apr 2020


The party travel to France in search of the stone of Carnac

13th Jul 2019

Session 7

15th Jun 2019

Session 6 -

24th May 2019

April 1878 - Worlds collide

Graham Eldridge arrives in Africa looking for the lamp

16th Feb 2019

Session 4:

25th Jan 2019

Session 3: The Tomb

21st Dec 2018

Session 2: In the jungle

16th Nov 2018

Session 1: Capetown

After almost 40 days at sea the party arrive in Capetown

The Protagonists

Isaac Griffiths

Toreador | 9 Generation

Ahit Håkondottir


Julie d'aubigny