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Act 2 - Session 7 - Still on the Road Report

General Summary

The heroes continued along and stopped for the night. Overnight they were attacked by a Bugbear Chieftan on a Wyvern sent out from the army to hunt them down.   The killed the Wyvern and captured the Bugbear, they went to let it free but the Bugbear betrayed them and killed Harse the Horse.   With only one horse, they couldn't use the carriage and so were left with travelling on foot with the remaining horse Mayflower.   They passed through the villiage of Podrip and warned them with of the army on their heels.   The army was catching up and they were getting tired so they decided to risk going north through the The White Wastes to cut time off the journey.   They passed into the blasted lands, stumbling across a carcass crab in a brutal fight that nearly went wrong and discovered the warping effect that the wastes have on magic, accidentally forming living spells, on of which also attacked them

After The Last War
Report Date
12 Nov 2019

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