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I believe I can fly Report

General Summary

A few stops

2nd of Halari'el
  The group decided to not wait long and continued their journey. The plan was to make a final stop near Bareniai where they would get any supplies for the trip over the ocean. The Nekorians on board were happy to help since it meant that they would get to their homeland once more. Also the Dragons wanted to recharge the Falls necessary for the flight of the airship. It of course would mean that the ship would go a bit slower as the Dragons had no intention of repeating the exhausting conditions they endured before. They were quite happy with their new freedom and were finally able to fly as much around the ship as they wanted.   During the first day not much happened and each member of the group got their own roles. Finrod became the captain, Dimble the head of maintance, Umeko the quartermaster, Nimble and Vittoria took care of the sickbay and Aiden took care of the crew.  
3rd of Halari'el
  The next day they arrived at Bareniai and docked the ship just outside the city walls. This however caused some issues with the law as it was considered illegal parking. They were taken to the police station to clear things out. Eventually they were released and managed to get the supplies the wanted. The voyage across the ocean could begin.  

Through the sky

  The journey was in general quite peaceful but not without issues. They had to deal with several technical issues and problems with the crew as some supplies went missing. Their luck changed when they suddenly were unable to avoid a thunderstorm. Amidst this fierce weather they could soon make out a form that looked very much like a Dragon. Their fears appeared to be true as suddenly a large Feral Dragon appeared before them. This creature could not be reasoned with and the group had to use all the cannons of the ship to defeat the creature.   After the encounter things were peaceful again for a few days. But one day they saw something that looked very much like a Chaos Tempest. The next day they encountered a gigantic flying leviathan, a creatures that most likely came from the Elemental Realms. They tried to avoid being swallowed by it and did a good job. But eventually they were caught. Luckily Vittoria was able to step in and banished the creature back to where it came from.   After these events the ship had taken quite some damage. When they encountered land a few days later they decided to make a stop for reparations. During the night, however the heard hyena sounds nearby.

The Heretic's Sword

Vittoria Bendetti

Half-Elf (Acolyte)
Cleric Forge Domain 10
59 / 59 HP
Report Date
10 Jul 2021

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