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After the farewell Report

General Summary

The next plan

4 Althari'el
  Once they arrived back at the ship the group had to decide on their next stop. After carefully considering the options they decided that the ruins in the desert that they learned about were a good stop. Here they could get protection gear and possibly and extra powersource. So they set course back to Farlis and hired some Nekorians to crew their ship.  

Raitin Patrol

7 Althari'el
The first few days were uneventful and the group could enjoy some well deserved rest. One day, however, Finrod sighted a Raitin ship in the distance. It soon became clear that they were trying to send a light signal to see if the airship of the group was indeed a Raitin ship. The problem was Kojiro only knew an outdated response. It was enough to not make them suspicious but they wanted to investigate nonetheless.   The group decided to let them approach and attack when they came closeby. The opening shot, however, did not manage to sabotage the engines of the enemy ship. Instead it was met with a quick response. Finrod moved the ship in a better position but so did the Raitin. Both ships endured damage and many Raitin soldiers were badly hurt due to the magic used by Vittoria. Eventually our heroes managed to destroy one of the propellors of the enemy ship. The Raitin had no othe choice than to descend leaving the group plenty of time to escape.   Once they were once more flying over land the adventurers decided to land the ship to do some repairs.  


10 Althari'el
Once again thing remained quite for some time until a flock of pteradons flew towards the ship. At first Finrod ignored the flock until one of them tried to drag one of the crewmembers away. Finrod decided to act and freed the Nekorian, which angered the pteradons. Luckily they could not reach them on the bridge but the window did suffer quite some damage from all the pecking.   One by one the other adventurers came to the deck and helped Finrod deal with the situation. Umeko herself was almost dragged away but luckily saved by her fellow adventurers.

The Heretic's Sword

Vittoria Bendetti

Half-Elf (Acolyte)
Cleric Forge Domain 10
59 / 59 HP
Report Date
26 Jun 2022

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