A FATE game In the world of Star Wars: Galaxy Without Hope
August 29, 2019 | Full
The story of a small band of adventurer's just trying to make it in the Outer Rim. Its a rough place, and there are dark forces in the galaxy determined to make it worse. What will they do when it seems like all hope is lost?

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  • The Known Galaxy
Supporting Cast
  • ARCH-3E
    Annoying remote cam droid serving Mr. E.

Scheduled Sessions

Sat 9th April 2022 14:00

Session 8

The continuing saga returns, and stuff.

Sessions Archive

3rd Oct 2021

Session 7: You can’t go home again.

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14th Aug 2021

Session 6: Never double cross a Hutt.

So you thought you could swindle a Hutt did you?

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31st Jul 2021

Session 5: Party at the Palace

The Group takes a wounded Han Solo to Jabba's Palace.

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3rd Jul 2021

Session 4: The Boonta Eve Classic

One week remains before the Rim Worlds Pod Racing Championships on Tatooine.

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30th May 2021

Session 3: This is Pod Racing

Mr. E has another job for the party. He needs them to go to Tatooine and fix a race for him.

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18th Jan 2021

Session 2: What the hell is going on?

You've had time to go home, lick your wounds and wash your undies. But not much more, no one has a clue where the pirates went and you are expecting a holocall from an angry fixer named Mr. E, or his creepy henchwoman Cryogen.   Instead your night of drinking has just been interrupted by none other than the owner of the Guildhall. Garth, who wants your help with a problem of his own.

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29th Aug 2019

Session 1: The Jedi Vault

The Guild was given a mission by the slicer Cryogen to retrieve an item from a ruin. Cryogen's employer neglected to mention that the ruin was an old Jedi vault, or that the item he wanted was a Sith Artifact, or that a group of pirates was also looking for it, or that the ship he lent them was stolen from a notorious bounty hunter. Minor details really.

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The Protagonists

Jicelli Asichi

Oren Skye

Kvix Farrers