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Time is Ominous

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Kesia
12/23/18 | Full

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Supporting Cast
  • Benassi Rukavsky
    A handsome young woman who seems to be a bit too young to be marrying a man like Bernardi, it's always a strange conspiracy, but she seems to enjoy the man anyways, and it seems he likes her too, so who are we to complain.
  • Bernardi Rukavsky
    The previous Ruler of Falcon, the capital of the province of Faloski, this old Rusanic noble only seeks to drink and be happy with what wealth he has left. Despite his situation, he seems to be taking it all in stride.
  • Ezic
    A Male Gnoll who definitely looks like an exception to his species, standing upright, carrying a gun around, and being proud to take you in.
  • Jacko Dublin
    An aggressive, but good-intentioned owner of The Courtyard Inn at Peafowl Square. Makes good food, sings good songs, and doesn't mind getting into a little fighting.
  • Konrad Lorenz
    A bubbly, proactive human woman who loves to study and research.
  • Luvidika Ravendale
    She's got raven hair, ruby lips, sparks fly from her fingertips. It's everyone's favorite witchy woman who only accepts barters in return for gold in her enchanter's place/ apothecary in Falcon, it's Luvidika!
  • Mama Farthe
    An Old Elvish lady who runs the Icebound Tavern in Gohawke. Nice to anyone who passes by.
  • Moira Dublin
    A kind, jolly, and stubborn Hill Dwarf from Flokia, now Runs The Courtyard Inn at Peafowl Square along with her husband, Jacko Dublin
  • Vivian Vivora
    A sly and confident woman, and always donned herself in red garbs. She seems to think little of you the moment you step foot.

The Protagonists

Klaus Desmond