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Egra: The Orphaned Lands

A Rolemaster game In the world of Thoroth
November 12th 2019 | Full

This story is told by



  • Egra
Supporting Cast
  • Lady Siv Kulgha
    Motivated by increasing the honor and power given to her clan, Lady Siv will not stand down from a challenge to her honor. She hates Elves and proudly wears the ears of those she has slain.
  • Two Shoes
    A cocky halfling "business" man who always does as the boss says, Two Shoes is a kind little halfling within the Farfoot county. He disagrees with the way of life most of his kin espouse - leaning on more simple methods; a silent step and a quick dagger, expertly placed. As a frequenter of the Snake Head Tavern, it's only a matter of time before a group of outsiders will run into him...
  • Wesley Mandrake
    Intelligent and well aware of his capabilities, Wesley is at times patronizing and dismissive. He means well, but has little patience for the dullards that journey throughout Thoroth in seek of "adventure". This past decade has been very unkind to Mr. Mandrake, as he has been wholly incapable of living his normal lifestyle - now only selling items with the smallest of enchantments to the seldom wealthier farmer.


Sessions Archive

17th Nov 2019

Prologue: Getting There

The treacherous journey to arrive at Egra. Scheduled to last several sessions.

19th Oct 2019

Session 0: Expectations and Character Creation

The Protagonists




Pyrah Solfyre