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Dastrow's Shining

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of The Leyden Nexus
2/27/2022 10/31/2022 | Full

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  • Dastrow
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Sessions Archive

21st Aug 2022

Session 18: Session 2 and beyond

16th Aug 2022

Session 17: Deeper into level 2

7th Aug 2022

Session 16: Level 2 begins

2nd Aug 2022

Session 15: Finishing lvl 1

19th Jul 2022

Session 14: Level 1 drags on

10th Jul 2022

Session 13: More level 1

5th Jul 2022

Session 12: Level 1 drags on

19th Jun 2022

Session 11: Continuing the Dungeon

5th Jun 2022

Session 10: Some Impish Allies

31st May 2022

Session 9: A Golem Gambit

17th May 2022

Session 8: Past Level 0

3rd May 2022

Session 7: Next Chapter

26th Apr 2022

Session 6: Finding a Path Forward

19th Apr 2022

Session 5: Old Man Isim

10th Apr 2022

Session 4: Deeper into the Goblin’s Hole

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3rd Apr 2022

Session 3: The Goblin’s Deep Hole

The party dives into a goblin plagued cavern to understand what happened to Cursius Isim

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27th Mar 2022

Session 2: All Along the Watchtower

The party will meet one or more potential Allies/patrons. Additionally, a dungeon delve might be on the horizon.   It is also your DM’s birthday…

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22nd Mar 2022

Session 1: A Distant Patron

The party will meet an off fellow that feels distant

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The Protagonists

Poppy "Pops" McGee

Phillipitrous Jest

Margie Williams

The Ice Cream Boy Jimmy Cariway