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Heist of Alraseyd

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Indralis
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Among the denizens of Alraseyd, there is a saying that came to name the continent itself to outsiders.   "Tunner Be Panak, akal suh Al-Raseyd kan."   Life is a road, and here is of endings.   Many are fooled by the great wealth hidden within the Desert Realm, especially the wealth held by the monarch of Alraseyd - the Lord Descendant.   A group is commissioned by the criminal syndicate Triolth to break into the fabled treasure room of the Lord Descendant and make off with at least a fraction of its legendary wealth. The adventurers only need to break into the most heavily fortified castle in the known world and escape with the worlds most valuable treasures through a city of mercenaries and thieves.   However, the adventurers might just find that their real troubles are all that much more challenging.

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