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Soulbound - Mists over Anvilguard

A Warhammer Age of Sigmar Soulbound game In the world of The Mortal Realms
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Supporting Cast
  • Brokka Brokkisdotr
    Long time Captain of the Grungni’s Face, Captain Brokka has won the respect and loyalty of her Kharadron crew by dragging them through countless fierce battles with the judicious use of her bellowing commands and her prized Volley Gun. The rumours say that beneath her sealed armour, her body is covered in a patchwork of tattoos to mark all manner of achievements.

Scheduled Sessions

Sat 14th May 2022 16:00

Return to Anvilguard

After making their way along the coast, the party make their way back to Anvilguard, only to find the way blocked by the servants of the Plague God, Nurgle.

Sessions Archive

21st Aug 2021


Can you defeat the Cultivator of the Caverns

26th Jun 2021

In Dark Places

Our heroes fight for their lives against a force of restless spirits. As the civilians begin to flee in panic, dark things begin to stir in the depths of the deep dark.

12th Jun 2021


Escaping the fiery inferno, our heroes seek shelter beneath the flames. What dangers may follow them there?

29th May 2021

Crash Landing

The Soulbound have crashed into the Kindling Forest and are facing the results of their last battle.

1st May 2021

Perilous Skies

With Brightspear safe and the beacon lit our heroes are sent forth to quell rumblings of foul deeds afoot in the twisted streets of Anvilguard

17th Apr 2021

The Final Confrontation

Our ACE Soulbound have have opened the way to the realmgate chamber. What might they find within.

The Protagonists

Thrisnock Naestra

Lauria the Beastmistress