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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game
In the world of Atalaya

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For almost a thousand years, the Exalted Dominion of Thumos has been ruled by Sol, a God of the Sun that has fallen from the Upper Realms at the brink of the Second Era. He is now a deity stuck in the body of a mortal, subjected to the perpetual cycle of reincarnation.   Everything in this country is subject to the will of the God-King. He has expanded his influence across the entirety of northern Kharsk, and is now seeking to conquer the last nation which has maintained it's sovereignty, the Principality of Londe, located on the southern coast.   The legions of the Sun God are assembling at the southern border, preparing to launch a full-scale attack on the border forts of the Principality. Viziers maintain an iron grasp on the populace through coercion and terror. Behind the curtain, the seeds of a rebellion are planted by a prince who carries the mark of the Moon.   In the midst of all this chaos, a caravan of prisoners arrives at a small mining town along the southern border of Thumos. These prisoners are meant to be sent into the copper mines as punishment for their transgressions against the God-King's law. It is here where our story begins...

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