Melyria, 4047

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Melyria
26th of Sep, 2017 | Full

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  Shade the drow and Patch the High elf leave to Silver Shore Island both with their own hopes and dreams - Shade to find his fellow brothers of faith, Patch to find a cure to her curse. What will they find?

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  • Moon Terrace

    The busy coastal city of Moon Terrace works as the main hub of many of the Melyria adventures! Colourful, lively and strange, there is always something to see.

  • Tel'taurn Tal

    Tel'Taurn Tal is the very capital of Empire of Islenor. It is the seat of the ruling Emperor, and home of the Glass Palace.

  • Melyria (incomplete)

    The world of Melyria is formed by several continents and island chains, with many places to explore and new people to meet!

  • Leuthil Tum

    Some settlements are born out of purpose, and sometimes that makes the settlement very unconventional. Leuthil Tum, village near the Stone Halls and it's un conventional marketplace is definitely a place like that. Small, and uneventful... or is it?

  • Silver Shore Island

    Largest island of Scar Coast and a lively trading hub, Silver Shore Island is the place to be. Who knows what adventures lie within?

Supporting Cast

Scheduled Sessions

Sat 20th April 2019 14:00

TDR, Session 17: Picnic with Crawlers

Riki has a plan for a nice picnic

Sat 13th April 2019 14:00

TDR, Session 16: The Family Dinner

Time to meet Shrikacha Spiderbane

Sun 7th April 2019 14:00

TDR, Session 15: Packing up for the home coming

Time to wrap things up to get back to Netehdrez. Mistress has a plan...

Mon 1st April 2019 14:00

TDR, Session 14: Trial Manager

Surprising up in rank... what is going on?

Sun 24th March 2019 14:00

TDR, Session 13: Property Checks and Devil tracks

It is time to check possible new properties for the shop.... and follow the devilish rabbit hole.

Tue 19th March 2019 14:00

TDR, Session 12: Devil's Tongue

Go out with the girls, they said. It will be fun, they said.

Wed 20th February 2019 14:00

TDR, Session 10: Game Is On

It is time to snoop out some gossip...

Sun 17th February 2019 14:00

TDR, Session 9: Kelimzar

New friend makes May ponder, and it is time to take new cape to the Prophet...

Sun 10th February 2019 22:00

TDR, Session 8: Zilviara's Request

Something is not quite right in the hunting manor. Time to go to check it out.

Tue 5th February 2019 22:15

TDR, Session 7: Ssapriina's Council

It is time to forge the deal - now or never

Sat 2nd February 2019 14:15

TDR, Session 6: In Drider's lair

After a stressful day, May wakes up in Riki's secret hideout

Tue 29th January 2019 22:00

TDR, Session 5: Embracing the Dragon

It is time to tell the truth to Ssapriina... But what will happen?

Thu 24th January 2019 14:00

TDR, Session 4: Voidthrone Wedding

It is time for Vicdariina's wedding!

Sat 19th January 2019 14:00

TDR, Session 3: Revealing the Scales

It is time to get to Netehdrez and talk with grandma...

Tue 8th January 2019 14:00

TDR, Session 2: Exams and double dates

May has decided to get bottom of her last nights visitors and figure this poison thing out - but she also knows there is test coming! Will she get to to wedding?

Thu 3rd January 2019 9:00

LFA, Session 23: Bonding with Blades

Party is trying to find their place in this pirate crew. All kinds of weird things are going on... Can they rescue Venlynn?

Sat 22nd December 2018 9:00

LFA, Session 22: Pirate's Life for me?

It seems that our heroes accidentally recruited themselves as pirates? What is this Shadowcove anyway?

Sat 8th September 2018 9:00

LFA, Session 21: Fundraiser festival

It is time to celebrate before the journey to unknown.

Wed 22nd August 2018 9:00

LFA, Session 20: Preparation to the Fundraiser

Elflings are preparing for the fundraiser event, and doing little favor for good ol'Dezzner.

Sat 4th August 2018 9:00

LFA, Session 19: Sherlocking it out

Oku is starting to get investigate further his brother's disappearance. Maybe Elflings can help?

Sun 17th June 2018 9:00

LFA, Session 18: The Ritual

After getting all the ingredients, Welda is ready to cast her ritual of Patch. What will it reveal?

Sun 10th June 2018 9:00

LFA, Session 16: Miss Sap

After successful heist, it is time to pick up Sabaeniss Deathshot. It seems that her quirkiness wasn't something that was exaggerated.

Mon 4th June 2018 9:00

LFA, Session 16: Lady Lara's birthday party

It is time to do the heist and take part of Lady Lara's birthday party.

Sat 26th May 2018 7:00

LFA, Session 15: Getting ready for the birthday

Heroes get their schoolwork done and it is time for trip to the Stone Halls.

Sat 5th May 2018 21:00

LFA, Session 14: Snake Basket

Morning begins with gift from the stalker. Time to get this done with once and for all.

Thu 26th April 2018 21:00

LFA, Session 13: Tutoring and Hunting

Shade promised to train the kids and after that... well, there is money to be had with Owlbear.

Fri 13th April 2018 21:00

LFA, Session 12: Chandlier Crash

When things drop from the sky, you should probably start to get worried...

Sat 31st March 2018 20:00

LFA, Session 11: Hunting for harrasser

So, it's new day in school and weird things keep happening... What is going on?

Fri 16th March 2018 15:00

LFA, Session 10: Secret Harrasser

It seems Elflings have made and enemy... but who it is?

Sat 10th March 2018 15:00

LFA, Session 9: Night of The Undead

So, what is this necromancer about? It is time to lay a trap!

Sat 17th February 2018 15:00

LFA, Session 8: Joining the Academia of Magi

Elflings take their first steps to become a part of prestigious (and totally loopy) community of the Academia of Magi.

Sat 13th January 2018 14:00

LFA, Session 7: Back to the City

Pondering what they heard, Elflings take their leave from Druidic Lands to see if they get help from Academia of Magi.

Wed 27th December 2017 14:00

LFA, Session 6: On the way to the Willow

It's time to go and meet Faliel the Ancient.

Wed 13th December 2017 14:00

LFA, Session 5: After meeting new friends

Elflings get together after having their small seperate adventures. Strong push towards visiting the Druidic Circle, possibly with Oku and Eler. Cheeky is also curious about visiting the Circle.

Fri 13th October 2017 14:00

LFA, Session 4: Patch's night out

Patch is left out to see locals and meets new friends.

Sat 30th September 2017 14:00

LFA, Session 3: Nature of the City

Time to find the shipwreck and figure this coin out. Where in earth have really ended up in?

Sessions Archive

18th Feb 2022

BTS, Session #35: Swipper's Corner

28th Jan 2022

TDR, Session #35: Hot Springs!

21st Jan 2022

BTS & TDR, Session #34: Heated Moment

14th Jan 2022

THC, Session 17, BTS & TDR, Session 33: Waiting for the moment

7th Jan 2022

THC, Session 16: Memorial

26th Nov 2021

DaT, Session #005: Stories beyond the sea and from these shores

8th Nov 2021

THC, Session 14: Evening comes

2nd Nov 2021

THC, Session 13: Dance to the Moon

29th Oct 2021

THC, Session 12: Dwarf Trouble

3rd Sep 2021

BTS & TDR, Session 32 + THC, Session 11: Boys' night out

27th Aug 2021

BTS & TDR, Session 31 + THC, Session 10: Broken Sending Spell

6th Aug 2021

DaT, Session #004: Surprise visitors

30th Jul 2021

DaT, Session #003: Further Investigations

16th Jul 2021

DaT, Session #002: Shopping and good byes

9th Jul 2021

BTS & TDR, Session 30: Age of Snoops ( + Quick check with Daioness)

2nd Jul 2021

BTS & TDR, Session 29: Messages and plans

18th Jun 2021

DaT, Session #001: Mama

6th May 2021

BTS & TDR, Session 28: With the Voidthrones

24th Mar 2021

THC, Session 9: Days of the Junar Full Moon

17th Mar 2021

SoP & THC, Sessions 11/8: Tittles and fiend hunting plans

14th Mar 2021

SoP & THC, Sessions 10/7: New D'aron in the ccourt

25th Feb 2021

BTS & TDR, Session 27: Scheming like a Devil

20th Feb 2021

BTS & TDR, Session 26: Having a glimpse of the city

9th Feb 2021

BTS, Session 25: Whispersteps and Ku'nal Daewl

5th Feb 2021

BTS, Session 24: Depths of the earth

29th Jan 2021

BTS, Session 23: To Down and Below

26th Jan 2021

BTS, Session 22: Awkward feelings

22nd Jan 2021

BTS, Session 21: Picking up the pieces

19th Jan 2021

BTS, Session 20: Last evening in Moon Terrace

12th Jan 2021

SoS, Session 7: Collecting the Hunting party

9th Jan 2021

BTS, Session 19: Quick Lessons

5th Jan 2021

LFA, Sessions 30: Baby clothing and looking for a soul thing

12th Dec 2020

DL, Sessions 4: Egg comes alive

23rd Nov 2020

TDR, Sessions 25: Investigating murder, buying a Palace

16th Nov 2020

TDR & LoM, Sessions 24 & 2: Murder in the Air

5th Nov 2020

SOP, Session 9: Searching through the ruins

1st Nov 2020

SOP, Session 8: This is my life now

5th Oct 2020

SOP, Session 7: Strange visitor

21st Sep 2020

SoS, Session 6: Wolf hunt

7th Sep 2020

SoS, Session 5: Web of plots

24th Aug 2020

TDR, Session 23: Dreaming of Palaces

17th Aug 2020

TDR, Session 22: Feedback box

3rd Aug 2020

TDR, Session 21: Renovated Start

20th Jul 2020

TDR, Session 20: Time for some business

30th Jun 2020

WoT, Session 7: Dreams of tommorow

26th Jun 2020

WoT, Session 6: Move gingerly

19th Jun 2020

BTS, Session 18: Dark, Stormy Night

6th Jun 2020

WoT, Session 5: Poisonous Court

8th May 2020

WoT, Session 4: After the unlikely meeting

3rd May 2020

WoT, Session 3: The courtly mysteries and Spirit Groves

24th Apr 2020

WoT, Session 2: To kill or not to kill, that is the question

19th Apr 2020

THC, Session 6: The Palace

10th Apr 2020

THC, Session 5: Filthy desires

5th Apr 2020

WoT, Session 1: Guardian in the Shadows

They very first mission is begining, but things got complicated right away.

27th Mar 2020

THC, Session 4: Echoes from the dark

20th Mar 2020

THC, Session 3: Position in Holy Palace

13th Mar 2020

THC, Session 2: Lunch date

28th Feb 2020

SoS, Session 4: Intruder among us

21st Jan 2020

SOP, Session 6: Ready to Rumble

14th Jan 2020

TDR, Session 19 1/2 & SOP, Session 5: Investigations

3rd Jan 2020

LFA, Session 29: The fundraiser party

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28th Dec 2019

TDR, Session 19: Meddling Frozenheart and packing bags

6th Dec 2019

LFA, Session 28: Sudden priesthood & search for soul-safe

20th Nov 2019

THC, Session 1

14th Oct 2019

LFA, Session 27 & BTS, Session 17: Finding roots and swordfights

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4th Oct 2019

SoS, Session 3: Sleetstorm

20th Sep 2019

LFA, Session 26: Dinner and evening in Jackal

3rd Sep 2019

BTS, Session 16: The Black Cauldron

29th Aug 2019

LFA, Session 25: Home Sweet Home

Back to Moon Terrace after the trip to Shadowcove.

12th Aug 2019

DL, Session 2: The green intruder

After the burglary, things are getting heated at the house.

7th Aug 2019

SoP, session 4: Secrets, dates and agents

Mom has a date, wut?

18th Jul 2019

SoP, session 3: What is an Archlich?

"What did I just promise?"

10th Jul 2019

SoP, session 2: Creepy Meeting

Meeting of Patron, Maybe?

3rd Jul 2019

DL, session 1: New stranger in town

After massive forest fire and New years celebrations, Tatharlyn starts his year. But the start to of the year might end up more interesting than first assumed...

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22nd Jun 2019

SoS, Session 2: Out of the fire

Tel'taurn Tal in on fire, and Daioness does her best to help out - what were the strangers up to?

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14th Jun 2019

SoS, Session 1: Meeting with Emperor

After weeks of traveling, Daioness Ilakhan and Lord Feyrith Luneiros arrive to Tel'taurn Tal, to make a request to Emperor Alathar.

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1st Jun 2019

LFA, Session 24: The Great escape

These Blades of Vhaeraun are strange indeed, and it is time to see that Zato and others manage to run from the Shadowcove, as well as find a way to go back to Moon Terrace. What lies before our heroes? We will know soon enough.

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16th May 2019

TDR, Session 18: Sight of mystery man

After the baffling picnic, it's time to get back to the city. But it looks like there are old acquaintances to meet.

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29th Dec 2018

TDR, Session 1: Unlikely Meetings

The boring study is disturbed by a surprising visitor.

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22nd Sep 2017

LFA, Session 2: Arrival to Moon Terrace

After colliding with pirates and receiving strange coin, our heroes come to Moon Bay and see Moon Terrace before them. What's up with this coin?

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26th Aug 2017

LFA, Session 1: Travel across the sea

Players take boat from Khag Boldor towards Moon Terrace, after receiving a letter from Jörge. They pack their things and get aboard of Sealily, ship of captain Risley Camus.

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