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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game
In the world of Atalaya

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The Empire of Terratus is in turmoil. Emperor Nominar has been assassinated, leaving his task to carve out a place for the citizens of the Empire unfinished. A group of nobles forms the Confederation of Terratus' Middle Realms, becoming a potential opponent for the Empire.   The vacant throne is taken by Albert Duncan Sawyer, who becomes the Lord Protector until a worthy candidate is found. A ruthless tug for power begins among the high nobility of the Empire.   A part of the populace begins revering the deceased Emperor as a god, putting up makeshift altars and shrines in the countryside. During the burial ceremony, an angelic figure is seen descending upon the emperor's grave by some, giving further grounds for these claims.   Tensions reach an all-time high as religious riots break out in parts of the now-shattered Empire. Without united leadership, religion or ideals, the land of Terratus is beset by dangers bigger than ever before. Creatures of the depths and dwellers of the badlands assault civilization in vicious fashion, leaving behind pillaged villages and piles of corpses.   During this time, an even greater danger brews below the streets of Geschaftburg. A party of heroes assembles at the request of an "interested party", seeking to retrieve an artifact, locked away within the town's treasury. Little do they know, attempting to fetch the item will put them at odds with forces far beyond their wildest nightmares...

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