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Welcome to the Erdàn Savànii

If this is your first visit to the Erdàn Savàii where, at the geographical centre point, lies the capital of the Realm of Qal'ath, then welcome.

I initially joined WorldAnvil to push me to finish my first "real novel" and to create a knowledge-base for myself - and possibly others - to explore my realms in more detail.

Once I realised that I could not be traditionally published, I decided to begin to write other tales and history here on WorldAnvil. While I have little self-confidence, I hope others, like you who are reading this, can enjoy their stay. And I will soon be bringing that original novel to manuscripts here, too.

Why Is a Chapter Locked?

Since May 2024 I've attempted to use WorldAnvil's Subscriber Groups feature. If you're a monthly Ko-Fi supporter, please let me know your WorldAnvil username - that will let me give you earlier releases of chapters and other writing as a thank you!

Large World, Short Scenes

If you're totally new to my writing, then I've adopted a style where there are "scene changes", inspired by a method I've seen a couple of other authors use. Events in any world do not happen in isolation and rarely do they only impact their epicentres. Instead they can ripple out from said event, or many things in the world can converge to bring something into being. My writing includes both at appropriate times.

When is "Skirmishes and Schisms" Set?

It is 545AFD (After the First Destruction), which is about eight years (or Ana) before a year of great significance: 553AFD.

This is Skirmishes and Schisms.

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