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In the world of The Kingdoms of Man (WIP)

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Ongoing 444 Words


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Bern Switzerland, 1901  

Stefan laid down on the bed the silk sheets felt good against his naked body, the feminine young man was nervous he had never been with someone else before much less someone as handsome and smart as Count Alucard Dracula. It was then that the bathroom door opened and in walked Alucard. Alucard and Stefan had been together for a year when they met at the university of Bern. The half Romani noble had instantly been drawn to the count, something about his dark brown eyes... made Stefan unable to resist the raw sexual power of Alucard. Alucard was pale, had jet black hair, very dark brown eyes and a built body any man or woman could not resist. Stefan had never been with someone before, and he would of lied if he wasn’t worried about the size of Alucard's naked member. Stefan gulped “please go easy my love” Alucard smiled and said, “I have something very special for you my blue-eyed gypsy” He then climbed into with him and climbed on top first kissing him and running his hands down Stefan's feminine curved body taking every inch of his sensitive brown skin. Then a smile came over Alucard's face as he looked into Stefans's baby blue eyes and knew it was time to make his move. To Stefans surprise Alucard opened his mouth and revealing his very sharp fangs for his lover to see. Stefan barely had time to think before Alucard struck viscously biting at his lover's neck and Stefan instantly felt paralyzed as he felt all the blood from his face vanish and was unable to move. Alucard finished feeding and said to him “don’t worry my love this will pass and will give you your true form the one you were always meant to be. Alucard went to work molding the young man in his desired image. He rubbed the young man’s face and Stefan felt it morph becoming smaller rounder and even more feminine than it was before and sharp fangs sprouted out from his gums, he placed his hand on his waist making it shrink in size, making it thinner and more toned he then went down to hips making them wider and fuller and making his already desirable butt wider and fuller. Alucard had no desire to change the young man’s sex as he wanted to keep Stefans unique position as a feminine man. He then placed his hand on the young man’s head saying, “you are mine”. Stefan snapped out of his trance and smiled. He knew who he was. He was Stefan, chosen husband of Alucard Dracula and Queen of the vampires 

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