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Chapter 6: Benedikt's Trial by Steel

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With a resounding "FIGHT," Elias initiated the clash. Without hesitation, Benedikt propelled his aging frame forward, intercepting the incoming strike of the morning star. "Not bad, not bad," Laurin commented calmly, applying pressure to force Benedikt backward. However, with nimble evasion, Benedikt sidestepped the attack and countered, landing a precise blow to Laurin's right side.

The unexpected strike caused Laurin to reconsider his approach against Benedikt. Opting for a more defensive strategy, he sought to leverage his reach advantage. However, Benedikt remained unfazed, refusing to be intimidated. He adeptly shifted his tactics, transitioning from a one-handed grip on the bastard sword to a formidable two-handed style.

Observing this shift, Elias couldn't help but be impressed, continuing to assess the capabilities of his newfound guardsman.

In an instant, the pace accelerated, with multiple clashes resonating as the combatants engaged in a rapid exchange of strikes and parries. Each clash was characterized by the distinctive ring of metal meeting metal, echoing through the training ground. The combatants, Benedikt and Laurin, moved seamlessly, their weapons weaving through the air in a dance of precision and skill. The metallic symphony created by the clashes underscored the intensity of the confrontation, each clash revealing the determination and strategy behind every move.

In a swift and unforeseen maneuver, Benedikt released his grip on the bastard sword, letting it fall to the ground with a controlled clang. In an almost instinctive motion, he seized the hilt of Laurin's morning star, applying a forceful downward pull. The unexpected move caught Laurin off guard, causing him to lose his balance and crash to the ground.

Capitalizing on this advantage, Benedikt moved with remarkable speed. He promptly retrieved the morning star from Laurin's now slackened grip, flinging it away to ensure it posed no further threat. With a relentless determination, Benedikt began a rapid onslaught of strikes aimed directly at Laurin's face. Each blow landed with a resounding impact, echoing through the training ground, as Benedikt, driven by a surge of adrenaline, continued the assault.

The metallic thuds of the morning star connecting with Laurin's face resonated in the air, a visceral and intense symphony of combat. The repetitive strikes bore testament to Benedikt's fierce resolve and the ferocity of the confrontation. As he relentlessly pressed on, the skin on Benedikt's hands began to show the toll of the brutal barrage, with blood starting to stain his fingers and palms. Yet, undeterred by the pain, he persisted in delivering the punishing blows until Laurin lay on the ground, incapacitated and bloodied.

Benedikt surveyed the scene, Elias's stunned expression mirroring the lingering intensity in the air. The recruits, too, sensed Benedikt's formidable prowess, realizing he wasn't someone to be trifled with. With deliberate composure, Benedikt lowered himself, returning the sword to its sheath.

"Huff, I'm done, Elias," Benedikt declared calmly, casually wiping away the bloodstains on his armor.

Elias, still processing the unexpected display, questioned with genuine concern for Laurin, "Well, your task wasn't to kill my squad leader. Why did you go all out like this?"

"He isn't dead, don't worry, and he still has all his teeth. I am sorry, I lost a bit of control," Benedikt responded, his tone carrying a mix of nonchalance and genuine concern for Laurin's well-being.

"Anyways," Benedikt now stood before the recruits, towering over them. "Who is my next adversary?" Unexpectedly, the youngest squad leader stepped forward. "My name is Daniel. I'm the youngest of the squad leaders and one of the youngest in our garrison. Please spar with me and guide me in improving as a warrior," Daniel declared with unwavering conviction.

This proposition took Benedikt by surprise, and he willingly responded, "I will spar with you, but only if you are prepared to fight at the same intensity I did with Laurin. Are you sure you're willing to go all out?" Benedikt scrutinized the young man, gauging his readiness. "I believe it's better to fight with adrenaline; you can make better and faster judgments. That's my full belief."

"Well, come here, and two recruits, carry Laurin out of the way," Benedikt directed as he returned to the center of the training ground. Two recruits hurried to assist Laurin. Now, a young man stood before Benedikt, a man the age of his son.

"Are you ready, Daniel?" The young man, wearing armor similar to Benedikt and wielding a bastard sword, nodded. With another "FIGHT" from Elias, the duel commenced. However, this time, it took an unexpected turn. Instead of Benedikt pressing into Daniel, it was Daniel who rushed forward, putting Benedikt on the defensive.

The atmosphere on the training ground crackled with tension as Daniel, the young squad leader, surged forward, his armored boots kicking up dust. His eyes, filled with determination, locked onto Benedikt, who calmly shifted into a defensive stance. The air seemed to still for a moment before the clash of steel echoed through the space.

Daniel swung his bastard sword with swift precision, aiming for Benedikt's midsection. Benedikt, seasoned by years of combat, skillfully parried the blow, the clash of metal resonating across the training ground. The young recruit pressed on, attacking relentlessly, each strike a testament to his eagerness to prove himself.

Benedikt, despite being pushed back, demonstrated a veteran's composure. He deftly sidestepped Daniel's attacks, relying on his experience to read the subtle cues in his opponent's movements. The dance between the two combatants was a display of contrasting styles, the exuberance of youth against the calculated finesse of experience.

As the fight continued, the recruits and Elias watched in awe, absorbing the spectacle before them. The training ground became an arena of skill and determination, with each clash of blades adding to the narrative of the ongoing battle.

Daniel, fueled by adrenaline, executed a series of quick slashes and thrusts, attempting to breach Benedikt's defenses. In response, Benedikt showcased the fluidity of a well-honed technique, parrying and countering with measured strikes. The sound of swords meeting resonated, punctuating the rhythm of their exchange.

Sweat began to bead on Daniel's forehead, his breath quickening as he tried to maintain the offensive. On the other hand, Benedikt remained a picture of calm determination, his movements economical yet precise. The sun cast long shadows across the training ground, adding an extra layer of intensity to the unfolding confrontation.

In a sudden maneuver, Daniel feigned a lunge to Benedikt's left and swiftly changed direction, attempting to catch him off guard. However, Benedikt, relying on his instincts, anticipated the move and smoothly countered, disarming Daniel with a swift twist of his wrist. The clang of the sword hitting the ground echoed, signifying the end of the intense duel.

Silence settled over the training ground as both combatants caught their breath. Daniel, though defeated, wore a look of respect for the seasoned warrior before him. Benedikt extended a hand, helping Daniel to his feet, acknowledging the young recruit's determination.

Elias, with a satisfied smile, addressed the recruits, "Well fought, both of you. This is the kind of training that forges true warriors. Learn from each other, and remember, strength comes in many forms." The recruits, inspired by the spectacle they witnessed, absorbed the lesson, realizing that in the garrison, every duel was an opportunity for growth.

As Elias delivered his speech, Benedikt leaned in toward Daniel, speaking in a low voice, "You've got real potential. I'd like to have a chat with you later."

"Absolutely, Benedikt," Daniel responded, his face lighting up with a bright smile.


Author Note:

Hail, fellow adventurers!

Benedikt here, recounting the echoes of our recent clash in "Benedikt's Trial by Steel." That was quite the spirited bout, don't you think? A dance of blades, a symphony of steel, a true trial by fire.

Now, whether you found it an exhilarating spectacle or have thoughts lingering like ghosts in the shadows, I'd love to hear them. Your feelings, your critiques, your musings – all are welcome in the sacred scrolls of comments and reviews.

So, do you agree with my take on the spar? If the spirits move you, share your sentiments. It would mean the world to me if the tales of my odyssey with Kennedy could reach even brighter corners of the realm.

Buckle your armor, grasp your quills, and let the words flow like a river in the rain – for your thoughts are the compass guiding this adventure.

Onward we march, Benedikt

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