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I'neälé's Journal

.::Neverwhere::. Ongoing 212 0 0 1807

Oops. This dingy author in checking her published page layouts wasn't aware manuscripts are visible on a list page, some pages have been unpublished. So note, this a draft in progress. To be completed soon, if your reading this bit. Drop back then.
  This is not intended as a novella or short fiction story. Though reads that way. But was not this author's intent. It is not entirely original work, and not intended for monetary compensation. This draws on elements of Tolkien elvish and D&D. What it is, is a game prop.
  One that came about for this author's character during a D&D campaign. To play a challenging character I rolled her background using WoTC's Xanathar's Guide to Everything, "This is Your Life", P.61. What's here is the result of pooling together often very dissimilar "ideas not rules" (random table rolls) into... something. I don't know what. Or where it's going. 
  I do know she is intended to be a tragic character, partially inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven. The character is known among the game group, some of this may be confusing to others reading, expecting a short story. You should at least know she is a ranger and wood elf, from a world where realms converge; Feywild, the material, and Shadowfel. She has recently returned from the dead.
  This is her diary.