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The Christ of Death, Antimatter and Null

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The Christ of Death, Antimatter and Null

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Samael in Birth

Samael, the Giratina, was formerly shiny colored when he was bestowed with the gift of anti-matter. Antimatter is the existence of not existing, created to maintain a balance in creation. Arceus did know the sheer instability of anti-matter and the effects that it could had on a Pokemon. If matter was the definition of stability, anti-matter was the opposite. It made them infinitely more aggressive, emotional, and unstable. It was because of this that he felt Giratina was the right choice for holding these burdens. Samael was but a kind and gentle soul at the time.


Samael did not decline this honor, as he felt that Arceus deemed him worthy of this responsibility, then it is something that he and he alone must do. 


As Giratina's practice with Arceus on the topic of antimatter became more and more intensive, Arceus noticed something changing. Yet nothing he didn't expect. Giratina began to become angry and impulsive. It occurred to spring from the simplest mistakes in and out of lessons. Slowly, Giratina's original shiny colors began to change, as well. A physical reflection of the insanity that slowly began bedding itself into Giratina themselves. Arceus, not willing to give up, decided to come up with an idea. He would have Giratina take care of a mortal, to remind him of his true nature, a gentle soul. 


Giratina was angry at Arceus at first but soon came to love this mortal as his child. Slowly but surely, he began to regain his original shiny coloring. Showing that this endeavor was successful. Arceus would begin teaching Giratina advanced forms of Antimatter. The destructive power and its practically limitless abilities. How its potential was truly boundless. But also told him never to practice these teachings without him there.


Due to the nature of Giratina's training, he got a lot more attention than the others from the Creation Trio, but that's because he was far more high maintenance. If left unchecked for too long, the effects he could cause would be disastrous. But they, Palkia and Dialga, the children that they all were at the time, wouldn't take kindly to Giratina getting far more attention than them. Jealousy would begin settling in their hearts as they try to find a way to get more attention. 


But that's when they understood how to deal with it. They just had to get rid of Giratina. He was already violent; they just had to make him so intense that Arceus had to get rid of him for good.


Samael in Grief

Giratina and Arceus went on an excursion to the Distortion Realm to help Giratina understand and maintain his control. At this time, he didn't want to bring his mortal to the Distortion Realm, yet couldn't bring them to the surface because they were exiled for being "The Child of Giratina." So he had Dialga and Palkia promise to take care of them. And he promised to take vengeance on anything or anyone that harmed them. 


And now they knew exactly how to accomplish their goals.


Giratina had learned of his alternative form. Arceus called it the manifestation of the beginnings, yet the absolution of nothing. The same energy that was used in the origin of the universe. 


And so, Giratina had called this, his Origin Forme.


However, it seemed as though another issue had called to Arceus' attention, and he sent Giratina back to the heavens early. Apparently, Groudon and Kryogre were at it again, but this time instead of fighting each other, they worked together to beat up Rayquaza. That was actually an issue.


Having come back home, he would be greeted by his "brothers." Giratina would ask where his mortal was, and would only be greeted with the hollowing statement that they had died.


He would be in disbelief to this knowledge; they had to be kidding with him. Slowly, the shiny coloration once again began to drain, his body in its altered forme beginning to shake slightly. Until they showed him the body of his child, his eyes froze as Dialga responded with the fact that they killed him.


Any semblance of his previous shiny coloration had now disappeared from existence. They promised to take care of them. And his child was dead. 


They made a promise.


They lied.


And that's when the true nature of antimatter would come to fruition. His body would glow in a black aura as he just shook in place... Before letting out an ear-shattering roar.


His body exploded as energy enveloped the entire area. An intense pressure that even Palkia and Dialga had never experienced. When they looked at Giratina now, all they had seen was a snake with overhanging tendrils. He had no contours against the presence of the aura; his body was as black as ink. The only thing that held color was the violent red coloration that glowed.


He had turned the heavens into augmented reality. A space between something and nothing. Turning into his Origin Forme as he now made this place his Distortion Zone.


He fought against both Palkia and Dialga, but as they couldn't understand the true, unpredictable nature of anti-matter, they had both lost against Giratina's destructive power.


Just as he was about to cull Dialga from existence, Arceus would return in time to intervene, Giratina had already been lost. He didn't know how to speak; he didn't remember. He couldn't remember, voices telling him to have everything join the abyss, to become one with nothing as everything once was. 


However, the cunning brothers had already thought of this beforehand. They had spliced both time and space to make everything seem like it was Giratina's fault. Like he had gone on a rampage and killed his son, and was about to kill them. And that's how they explained it. 


Giratina was furious, but all he could speak was roars of rage. And so, with a heavy heart, knowing that even if this wasn't the truth, Giratina had already been too far gone. There was no bringing back what's lost and no ending what doesn't exist. Arceus banish Giratina to a realm that was his creation. The Distortion Realm. But that wouldn't be the last time they would hear of him.

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