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Gods walk amongst us, just like they always have. Be it in fields, factories, or on the battlefield, their domains have helped the modern world take shape in a way that no one could have predicted.
  Governments, kingdoms, and empires all keep their own pantheons to aid their homelands through vast sums of money, political advantages to those that seek them, and many stay purely for their own ideals.
  Despite divine might, no one can stop the wheels of the world from turning, that is a weight too great to bear. Empires rise and fall, countries clash, and armies march, and the gods are always there.
  The country of Laidros is no different.
  It is suffering from a crisis of identity no gods domain can easily fix. Once a nation closely tied to their royal family and the church, each facet themselves heavily intertwined, now both sides are pulling away from each other as hard as they can and fracturing all the way. As it stands, the crown stands for the people of the nation, staunchly refusing to bend to the church's perceived authority. The church, while less populated than it has been in the past, maintains a bevy of staunch followers that seek it's will more than any other.
  This internal struggle has blinded both sides to forces and factions that are weaving their way through the pitfalls and roadblocks of the conflict. It has not descended into full-blown violence yet, but someone certainly wants that outcome.