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The Misadventures of Morga Skullsplitter, Volume 1

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Morga is an orcish warrior. She's the best there is. No-one can crack a skull open quite like Morga Skullsplitter.
  But she's tired, and she's had enough. All she wants is a nice quiet retirement. One where she could spend her days sipping tea, eating jellybeans and reading mystery novels would be wonderful.
  One day, an offer to go on one last quest is given to her. Her prize at the end of it? That long sought after retirement. The quest will be dangerous, difficult, and probably bloody long. The chances of facing off against monsters and dark magic are extremely high. She could die... or worse...
  But all she has to do is find the Heart of Darkness. That's all. After that, she can retire to a nice little cottage at the seaside.
  Will she take on the quest? Take a journey into "The Misadventures of Morga Skullsplitter" to find out...
  Note: this series will contain swearing, monsters, gore, and all that good stuff. Episodes will be published as often as I can write 'em (I'm aiming for one per month).