Ramenking1985 Progress Report

Daniel, aka, Ramenking1985

Lazy Loremaster and Videogame slug
"We are not here simply to exist, but to learn how to co-exist. Hope is our legacy."

Ramenking1985 Progress so far

6824 words 68.24% completed!

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Hi there, you scared the shit out of me!   Come join the Ramen Kings Court Discord [HERE]

My name is Daniel, also known as Ramenking1985 or idan2point0. I have three dogs, three cats and no life. I like to write lore, play video games and sleeping is pretty awesome too. Sometimes I stream, so check that out some time I guess!

Interests & Hobbies

Cooking (former chef!), gaming, I'm a huge homebody and family man.

Favorite Movies

Blade Runner, Ghostbusters

Favorite TV Series

Star Trek, Doctor Who, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, What we do in the Shadows, The IT Crowd, Black Books, Stranger Things, HunterxHunter

Favorite Writers

Grady Hendrix

Favorite Games

Twinsen's Odyssey (LBA2)

Latest Loved work

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