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hdewendt's WorldEmber 2021
6 of 23 prompts completed

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Bloodhaunt Forest

Pain. Suffering. Bloodshed. This is what created the Bloodhaunt Forest. The ground is covered in grass and flowers, but below that, the soil is deep red. The trees resemble cherry trees, abloom throughout the year. But the blossoms are a bit darker...

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Mermaid's Rest

When the morning light graces the waters of Mermaid's Rest, birds with vibrant colours fly up at its shores, the waves calmly caress the land, and all the sorrows of the world are forgotten. - Excerpt from the book "Newborn hope" by Nypha Wingborn

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Wealth, tradition and a strict caste system - these are probably the most defining elements of the society of Bridgepoint. The city was founded over 2.000 years ago by a human merchant called Drayzor. He is praised for...

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A prospering city with an old problem: Blackhaven could be a role model for how to build a thriving community. But there's something deadly underground, and it's not as easy as a monster that needs to be slain. Formed as a mining colony 450 years ago...

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Seeker's Furnace

Located in the beautiful plains and meadows at the shores of Mermaid's Rest, you wouldn't expect a smoldering volcano. But aside from the famous adventurers' guilds, exactly that is the main landmark in Seeker's Furnace, the city named after the...

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The Arcanist Vault

An ancient tower rising over a thousand yards high into the sky, with doors and hallways large enough to welcome giants and dragons. Cryptic messages carved into the stone walls. Hidden and magical rooms, and hallways that sometimes just end up...

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