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Mad Max's Shop Prices

This table shows the costs of magical items in Dragonsmoke Archipelago.

Item NameServer Price
+1 All-Purpose Tool6,000 gp
+1 Amulet of the Devout6,000 gp
+1 Arcane Grimoire6,000 gp
+1 Armor1,500 gp
+1 Bad News2,000 gp
+1 Blunderbuss1000 gp
+1 Bloodwell Vial6,000 gp
+1 Dragonhide Belt6,000 gp
+1 Hand Mortar2,000 gp
+1 Insignia of Claws1,000 gp
+1 Moon Sickle6,000 gp
+1 Rhythm-Maker's Drum6,000 gp
+1 Shield1,000 gp
+1 Weapon750 gp
+2 All-Purpose Tool18,000 gp
+2 Amulet of the Devout18,000 gp
+2 Arcane Grimoire18,000 gp
+2 Armor8,000 gp
+2 Bad News5,000 gp
+2 Blunderbuss4,000 gp
+2 Bloodwell Vial18,000 gp
+2 Dragonhide Belt18,000 gp
+2 Hand Mortar5,000 gp
+2 Insignia of Claws4,000 gp
+2 Moon Sickle18,000 gp
+2 Rhythm-Maker's Drum18,000 gp
+2 Shield5,500 gp
+2 Weapon4,000 gp
+3 All-Purpose Tool72,000 gp
+3 Amulet of the Devout72,000 gp
+3 Arcane Grimoire72,000 gp
+3 Armor24,000 gp
+3 Bad News20,000 gp
+3 Bloodwell Vial72,000 gp
+3 Blunderbuss18,000 gp
+3 Dragonhide Belt72,000 gp
+3 Hand Mortar24,000 gp
+3 Insignia of Claws18,000 gp
+3 Moon Sickle72,000 gp
+3 Rhythm-Maker's Drum72,000 gp
+3 Shield24,000 gp
+3 Weapon18,000 gp
Abracadabrus5,000 gp
Absorbing Tattoo8,000 gp
Acheron Blade15,000 gp
Adamantine Armor500 gp + AV
Adamantine Battlement Shield50,000 gp
Adamantine Weapons500 gp
Akmon, Hammer of PurphorosRoleplay
Alchemical Ammunition (Each)25 gp
Alchemical Compendium8,000 gp
Alchemy JugNot Set
Alchemy Jug (Blue)Not Set
Alchemy Jug (Orange)Not Set
Alfan's Tinderbox500 gp
Amethyst LodestoneNot Set
Ammunition +1 (Each)25 gp
Ammunition +2 (Each)100 gp
Ammunition +3 (Each)400 gp
Amulet of Health6,500 gp
Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location10,250 gp
Amulet of Protection from Turning10,000 gp
Amulet of the Black Skull8,000 gp
Amulet of the Drunkard1,500 gp
Amulet of the Planes105,000 gp
Animated Shield6,000 gp
Apparatus of Kwalish10,000 gp
Arcane Cannon12,000 gp
Arcane Propulsion ArmNot Set
Armblade250 gp + WV
Armor of GleamingUnpriced
Armor of Invulnerability18,000 gp
Armor of Resistance5,500 gp + AV
Armor of VulnerabilityRoleplay
Arrow of Slaying (Each)600 gp
Arrow of Tracking (Each)100 gp
Arrow-Catching Shield5,500 gp
Ascendant Dragon VesselNot Set
Ascendant Dragon's Wrath WeaponNot Set
Ascendant Dragon-Touched FocusNot Set
Ascendant Scaled OrnamentNot Set
Astral Shard14,000 gp
Astromancy Archive12,000 gp
Atlas of Endless Horizons15,000 gp
Axe of Dwarvish LordsRoleplay
Azorius Guild Signet3,000 gp
Azorius Keyrune1,200 gp
Azuredge35,000 gp
Baba Yaga's Mortar and PestleRoleplay
Baba Yaga's MortarRoleplay
Baba Yaga's PestleRoleplay
Bad News1,000 gp
Badge of the Watch6,000 gp
Bag of BeansRoleplay
Bag of Colding750 gp
Bag of Holding500 gp
Balance of Harmony1,000 gp
Balloon Pack1,000 gp
Banner of the Krig Rune6.000 gp
Barbed Wire75 gp
Barrier Tattoo (Heavy)20,000 gp
Barrier Tattoo (Medium)15,000 gp
Barrier Tattoo (Light)5,000 gp
Battering Shield4,000 gp
Battle Standard of Infernal Power6,000 gp
Bead of Force960 gp
Bead of NourishmentNot Set
Bead of RefreshmentNot Set
Belashyrra's Beholder CrownNot Set
Bell Branch3,000 gp
Belt of Cloud Giant StrengthNot Set
Belt of Dwarvenkind5,500 gp
Belt of Fire Giant StrengthNot Set
Belt of Frost Giant StrengthNot Set
Belt of Hill Giant Strength10,000 gp
Belt of Stone Giant StrengthNot Set
Belt of Storm Giant StrengthNot Set
Berserker AxeNot Set
Black Chromatic RoseNot Set
Black Crystal TabletRoleplay
Black Dragon Mask32,500 gp + RP
Blackstaff120,000 gp + RP
Blade of AvernusRoleplay
Blade of Broken MirrorsRoleplay
Blade of the Medusa6,000 gp
Blast Scepter80,000 gp
Blod Stone5,500 gp
Blood Fury TattooRoleplay
Blood of the LycanthropeNot Set
Blood Spear4,500 gp + RP
BloodaxeNot Set
Blue Chromatic RoseNot Set
Blue Dragon Mask32,500 gp + RP
Blunderbuss300 gp
Bobbing Lily PadNot Set
BonecounterNot Set
Book of Exalted DeedsRoleplay
Book of Vile DarknessRoleplay
Bookmark25,000 gp + RP
Boots of Elvenkind1,500 gp
Boots of False Tracks250 gp
Boots of Levitation4,000 gp
Boots of Speed4,000 gp
Boots of Striding and Springing2,750 gp
Boots of the Winterlands2,000 gp
Boros Guild Signet3,000 gp
Boros Keyrune4,000 gp
Bottled Breath200 gp
Bowl of Commanding Water Elementals8,000 gp
Bracelet of Rock Magic9,000 gp
Bracer of Flying Daggers2,000 gp
Bracers of Archery1,000 gp
Bracers of Defense5,500 gp
Brass Horn of Valhalla8,400 gp
Brazier of Commanding Fire Elementals8,000 gp
Breathing Bubble1,800 gp
Bronze Griffon8,000 gp
Bronze Horn of Valhalla11,200 gp
Bridle of Capturing5,000 gp
Brooch of Living Essence5,000 gp
Brooch of Shielding2,500 gp
Broom of Flying8,000 gp
Buckler8 gp
Butcher's Bib15,000 gp
Candle of InvocationNot Set
Candle of the Deep25 gp
Cap of Water Breathing750 gp
Cape of the Mountebank8,000 gp
Carpet of Flying (3ft x 5ft)10,000 gp
Carpet of Flying (4ft x 6ft)12,000 gp
Carpet of Flying (5ft x 7ft)8,000 gp
Carpet of Flying (6ft x 9ft)14,000 gp
Cartographer's Map CaseNot Set
Cast-Off ArmorNot Set
Cauldron of Plenty6,000 gp
Cauldron of Rebirth20,000 pg + RP
Censer of Controlling Air Elementals8,000 gp
Charlatan's DieNot Set
Charm of Plant Command3,000 gp
Chest of Preserving100 gp
Chime of Opening1,500 gp
Chromatic RoseNot Set
ChronolometerNot Set
Circlet of Blasting1,500 gp
Circlet of Human Perfection3,000 gp
Claw of the Wyrm Rune15,000 gp
Claws of the Umber Hulk8,000 gp
Clay Battlement Shield10,000 gp
Cleansing Stone200 gp
Cloak of Arachnida5,000 gp
Cloak of Billowing100 gp
Cloak of Displacement60,000 gp
Cloak of Elvenkind5,000 gp
Cloak of Invisibility80,000 gp + RP
Cloak of Many Fashions250 gp
Cloak of Protection3,500 gp
Cloak of the Bat5,500 gp
Cloak of the Manta Ray3,250 gp
Clockwork AmuletNot Set
Clothes of MendingNot Set
Coiling Grasp Tattoo5,000 gp
Coin of Delving100 gp
Common GlamerweaveNot Set
ConcertinaNot Set
Conch of Teleportation24,000 gp
Corpse Slayer6,000 gp + WV
Crook of RaoRoleplay
Crystal Ball50,000 gp
Crystal Ball of Mind Reading50,000 gp + RP
Crystal Ball of Telepathy50,000 gp + RP
Crystal Ball of True Seeing50,000 gp + RP
Crystal BladeNot Set
Crystalline Chronicle8,000 gp
Cube of Force16,000 gp
Cubic GateWaypoint
Cursed Luckstone101 gp
Daern's Instant Fortress40,000 gp
Dagger of Blindsight7,500 gp
Dagger of Venom2,500 gp
Dancing Sword2,000 gp + WV
Danoth's VisorRoleplay
Dark Shard AmuletNot Set
Decanter of Endless Water10,000 gp
Deck of Illusions3,310 gp
Deck of Many ThingsRoleplay
Dekella, Bident of ThassaRoleplay
Defender24,000 gp
Demon ArmorNot Set
Demonomicon of IggwilvRoleplay
Devastation Orb of AirNot Set
Devastation Orb of EarthNot Set
Devastation Orb of FireNot Set
Devastation Orb of WaterNot Set
Devotee's Censer8,000 gp
Dictionary10 gp
Dimensional LoopNot Set
Dimensional Shackles3,000 gp
Dimir Guild Signet3,000 gp
Dimir Keyrune35,000 gp
Dispelling Stone2,750 gp
DocentNot Set
Dodecahedron of Doom3,000 gp
Dragon Scale Mail4,000 gp
Dragon Slayer6,500 gp + WV
Dragon Wing Bow4,500 gp
Dragonbone Weapon6,000 gp + WV
Dragonguard2,500 gp
Dragonplate Armor12,000 gp
DragonlanceNot Set
Dragonstaff of Ahghairon12,000 gp + RP
Dragontooth Dagger1,100 gp
Dread Helm100 gp
Driftglobe5000 gp
Duplicitous Manuscript5,000 gp
Duskcrusher31,200 gp
Dust of CorrosionNot Set
Dust of Deliciousness50 gp
Dust of Disappearance300 gp
Dust of Dryness (1 pellet)120 gp
Dust of Sneezing and Choking480 gp
Dust of the MummyNot Set
Dwarven Plate9,000 gp
Dwarven Thrower18,000 gp
Dyrrn's Tentacle WhipNot Set
Eagle Whistle6,000 gp
Ear Horn of HearingNot Set
EarwormNot Set
Ebony Bow10,000 gp
Ebony Fly6,000 gp
Efreeti BottleRoleplay
Efreeti Chain20,000 gp + RP
Elder Cartographer's Glossography2,500 gp
Eldritch Claw Tattoo20,000 gp
Eldritch StaffNot Set
Elemental Essence Shard (Air)4,000 gp
Elemental Essence Shard (Earth)8,000 gp
Elemental Essence Shard (Fire)5,000 gp
Elemental Essence Shard (Water10,000 gp
Elemental Gem730 gp
Elixir of Health120 gp
Elven Chain4,000 gp
Emerald Pen50 gp
Enduring Spellbook200 gp
Ephixis, Bow of NyleaRoleplay
Ersatz Eye200 gp
Essence Extraction Device500 gp
Everbright LanternNot Set
Everlasting Quiver1,000 gp
Eversmoking Bottle750 gp
Explosives500 gp
Eye and Hand of VecnaRoleplay
Eye of VecnaRoleplay
Eyes of Charming1,750 gp
Eyes of Minute Seeing1,500 gp
Eyes of the Eagle1,500 gp
Fane-Eater20,000 gp + RP
Far GearNot Set
Far Realm Shard9,000 gp
Feather of Diatryma Summoning3,000 gp
Feather Token (Feather Fall)50 gp
Fernian Ash Focus250 gp
Fernian Basalt Focus250 gp
Feywild Shard10,000 gp
Finder's Goggles8,000 gp
Flail of TiamatRoleplay
Flame Tongue5,000 gp + WV
Flying Chariot3,000 gp
Folding Boat10,000 gp
Frost Brand2,200 gp + WV
Fulminating Treatise8,000 gp
Galder's Bubble Pipe2,500 gp
Gambler's Blade15,000 gp
Gauntlets of Flaming Fury1,500 gp
Gauntlets of Ogre Power4,250 gp
Gavel of the Venn Rune7,500 gp
Gem of Brightness2,750 gp
Gem of Seeing18,500 gp
Ghost Lantern8,000 gp
Ghost Step Tattoo10,000 gp
Ghost Weapon6,000 gp
Giant Slayer6,000 gp
Glamoured Studded Leather2,000 gp
Gloves of Crafting2,000 gp
Gloves of Missile Snaring1,750 gp
Gloves of Soul CatchingNot Set
Gloves of Swimming and Climbing1,250 gp
Gloves of Thievery2,750 gp
Goggles of Night1,500 gp
Goggles of Object Reading3,500 gp
Gold Canary Figurine of Wondrous PowerNot Set
Golden Lion (Each)600 gp
Golgari Guild Signet3,000 gp
Golgari Keyrune5,500 gp
Gray Bag of TricksNot Set
Greater Silver SwordNot Set
Green Chromatic RoseNot Set
Green Dragon Mask32,500 gp + RP
Grimoire InfinitusRoleplay
Gruul Guild Signet3,000 gp
Gruul Keyrune1,000 gp
Guardian Emblem2,000 gp
Guardian Figurine500 gp
Gulthias StaffNot Set
Gurt's GreataxeNot Set
Hammer of Thunderbolts16,000 gp + RP
Hand of VecnaRoleplay
Hand Mortar1,000 gp
Harkon's BiteNot Set
Hat of Disguise2,750 gp
Hat of VerminNot Set
Hat of WizardryNot Set
Hazirawn15,000 gp + RP
Headband of Intellect4,250 gp
Heart Weaver's Primer9,000 gp
HeartstoneNight Hag
Hell Hound Cloak4,000 gp
Hellfire Weapon250 gp + WV
Helm of BrillianceNot Set
Helm of Comprehend Languages500 gp
Helm of Devil Command48,000 gp
Helm of Telepathy6,250 gp
Helm of Teleportation34,500 gp
Helm of the Gods3,000 gp
Helm of the Scavenger200,000 gp + RP
Helm of Underwater Action7,500 gp
Hew9,000 gp
Heward's Handy Haversack500 gp
Heward's Handy Spice Pouch100 gp
Heward's Hireling Armor3,000 gp
Hide of the Feral GuardianRoleplay
Holy Avenger165,000 gp + RP
Holy Symbol of RavenkindNot Set
Hook of Fisher's Delight2,000 gp
Horn of Blasting450 gp
Horn of Silent AlarmNot Set
Horn of the Endless Maze8,400 gp
Horned RingNot Set
Horseshoes of Speed5,000 gp
Horseshoes of the Zephyr1,500 gp
Hunter's Coat2,000 gp
Icon of RavenloftNot Set
Iggwilv's CauldronNot Set
Illuminator's Tattoo250 gp
Illusionist's Bracers20,000 gp
Imbued Wood Focus250 gp
Immovable Rod2,750 gp
Infernal Puzzle BoxNot Set
Infernal Tack128,000 gp + RP
Infiltrator's KeyRoleplay
Ingot of the Skold Rune4,000 gp
Instant Watchtower2,500 gp
Instrument of IllusionsNot Set
Instrument of ScribingNot Set
Instrument of the Bards - Anstruth Harp79,500 gp
Instrument of the Bards - Canaith Mandolin17,500 gp
Instrument of the Bards - Cli Lyre20,000 gp
Instrument of the Bards - Doss Lute14,500 gp
Instrument of the Bards - Fochulan Bandlore13,500 gp
Instrument of the Bards - Mac-Fuirmidh Cittern13,500 gp
Instrument of the Bards - Ollamh Harp125,000 gp + RP
Ioun Stone of Absorption2,400 gp
Ioun Stone of Agility3,000 gp
Ioun Stone of Awareness8,500 gp
Ioun Stone of Fortitude3,000 gp
Ioun Stone of Greater Absorption31,000 gp
Ioun Stone of Historical Knowledge1,500 gp
Ioun Stone of Insight3,000 gp
Ioun Stone of Intellect3,000 gp
Ioun Stone of Language Knowledge1,500 gp
Ioun Stone of Leadership3,000 gp
Ioun Stone of Mastery15,000 gp
Ioun Stone of Natural Knowledge1,500 gp
Ioun Stone of Protection1,200 gp
Ioun Stone of Regeneration4,000 gp
Ioun Stone of Religious Knowledge1,500 gp
Ioun Stone of Reserve6,000 gp
Ioun Stone of Self-Preservation1,200 gp
Ioun Stone of Strength3,000 gp
Ioun Stone of Supreme Intellect1,500 gp
Ioun Stone of Sustenance1,000 gp
Ioun Stone of Vitality1,200 gp
Irian Quartz Focus250 gp
Irian Rosewood Focus250 gp
Iron Bands of Bilarro4,000 gp
Iron FlaskNot Set
Iron Horn of Valhalla14,000 gp + RP
IronfangNot Set
Ivory Goat (Terror)12,500 gp
Ivory Goat (Travail)400 gp
Ivory Goat (Traveling)1,000 gp
Izzet Guild Signet3,000 gp
Izzet Keyrune3,600 gp
Javelin of Backbiting9,000 gp
Javelin of Lightning1,000 gp
Keoghtom's Ointment (Per Dose)120 gp
Keycharm250 gp
Khrusor, Spear of HeliodNot Set
Knave's Eye Patch10,000 gp
Korolnor ScepterNot Set
Kyrzin's OozeNot Set
Kythrian Focus250 gp
Kythrian Skarn Focus250 gp
Lamannian Flint Focus250 gp
Lamannian Oak Focus250 gp
Lantern of Revealing2,750 gp
Lantern of Tracking1,500 gp
Lash of ShadowsRoleplay
Last Stand Armor2,250 gp
Leather Golem Armor9,000 gp
Libram of Souls and Flesh10,000 gp
Lifewell Tattoo20,000 gp
Lightbringer9,000 gp
Living ArmorNot Set
Living GlovesNot Set
Luckstone4,200 gp
Loadstone501 gp
Lock of TrickeryNot Set
Lord's Ensemble75,000 gp + RP
Lost Crown of Besilmer22,500 gp + RP
Luba's Tarokka of SoulsNot Set
Luxon Beacon4,000 gp + RP
Lyre of Building35,000 gp
Mabaran Ebony Focus250 gp
Mabaran Obsidian Focus250 gp
Mace of Disruption6,500 gp
Mace of Smiting6,000 gp
Mace of Terror6.500 gp
Mace of the Black CrownNot Set
Mantle of Spell Resistance17,500 gp
Manual of Bodily Health100,000 gp
Manual of Clay GolemsNot Set
Manual of Flesh GolemsNot Set
Manual of Gainful Exercise100,000 gp
Manual of Iron GolemsNot Set
Manual of Quickness of Action100,000 gp
Manual of Stone GolemsNot Set
Marble Elephant6,000 gp
Mariner's Armor1,000 gp
Mask of the Beast3,000 gp
Mask of the Dragon QueenNot Set
Mask of the Medusa24,000 gp
Masquerade Tattoo500 gp
Mastix, Whip of ErebosNot Set
Matalotok20,000 gp + RP
Medallion of Thoughts3,000 gp
Mighty Servant of Leuk-oNot Set
Mind BladeNot Set
Mind Carapace ArmorNot Set
Mind LashNot Set
Mirror of Life Trapping18,000 gp
Mirror of the Past6,000 gp
Mithral Armor650 gp + AV
Mizzium ApparatusNot Set
Mizzium Armor12,000 gp + AV
Mizzium Mortar8,000 gp
Molten Bronze Skin (Breastplate)7,200 gp
Molten Bronze Skin (Half-Plate)7,550 gp
Molten Bronze Skin (Plate)8,300 gp
Money Belt4 gp
Moodmark Paint50 gp
Moon-Touched Sword250 gp + WV
Mystery Key50 gp
Nature's Mantle2,000 gp
Navigation OrbNot Set
Necklace of Adaption1,500 gp
Necklace of Fireballs (One bead)300 gp
Necklace of Fireballs (Two beads)480 gp
Necklace of Fireballs (Three beads)960 gp
Necklace of Fireballs (Four beads)1,600 gp
Necklace of Fireballs (Five beads)3,840 gp
Necklace of Fireballs (Six beads)6,340 gp
Needle of Mending6,000 gp
NepentheNot Set
Nether Scroll of AzumarNot Set
Night Caller3,000 gp
Nightfall PearlNot Set
Nine Lives Stealer (Fully Charged)8,000 gp
Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments200 gp
Nutrients (Normal)50 gp
Nutrients (Greater)150 gp
Nutrients (Superior)450 gp
Nutrients (Supreme)1,350 gp
Oathbow3,500 gp
Obsidian Flint Dragon Plate12,500 gp + RP
Obsidian Steed66,500 gp
Oil of Etherealness1,920 gp
Oil of Sharpness1,850 gp
Oil of Slipperiness480 gp
Onyx Dog3,000 gp
Opal of the Ild Rune9,000 gp
Orb of Direction100 gp
Orb of DragonkindNot Set
Orb of Gonging100 gp
Orb of Shielding500 gp
Orb of the Stein Rune15,000 gp
Orb of the Veil100,000 gp
Orb of Time100 gp
Orc StoneNot Set
Orcsplitter48,000 gp + RP
Ornithopter of FlyingNot Set
Orrery of the WandererNot Set
Orzhov Guild Signet3,000 gp
Orzhov Keyrune2,400 gp
Outer Essence Shard (Chaotic)8,000 gp
Outer Essence Shard (Evil)5,000 gp
Outer Essence Shard (Good)5,000 gp
Outer Essence Shard (Lawful)20,000 gp
Paper Bird180 gp
Pariah's ShieldNot Set
Pearl of Power3,250 gp
Pennant of the Vind Rune10,000 gp
Peregrine Mask20,000 gp
Perfume of BewitchingNot Set
Periapt of Health5,000 gp
Periapt of Proof Against Poison5,000 gp
Periapt of Wound Closure5,000 gp
Philter of Love90 gp
PiercerNot Set
Pipes of Haunting3,250 gp
Pipe of Remembrance200 gp
Pipes of the Sewers1,250 gp
Pipe of Smoke Monsters100 gp
Piwafwi (Cloak of Elvenkind)5,000 gp
Piwafwi of Fire Resistance10,000 gp
Pixie DustNot Set
Planecaller's Codex20,000 gp
Plate Armor of Etherealness48,000 gp
Platinum ScarfNot Set
Pole of Angling50 gp
Pole of Collapsing100 gp
Polymorph Blade8,000 gp
Portable Hole6,500 gp
Portal Scroll350 gp
Pot of Awakening90 gp
Potion of AdvantageNot Set
Potion of Animal Friendship200 gp
Potion of Aqueous Form300 gp
Potion of Clairvoyance960 gp
Potion of Climbing180 gp
Potion of Cloud Giant StrengthNot Set
Potion of Comprehension90 gp
Potion of Diminution270 gp
Potion of Dragon's MajestyNot Set
Potion of Fire Breath150 gp
Potion of Fire Giant StrengthNot Set
Potion of Flying500 gp
Potion of Frost Giant Strength1500 gp
Potion of Gaseous Form300 gp
Potion of Giant Size7,500 gp
Potion of Greater Healing150 gp
Potion of Growth270 gp
Potion of Healing50 gp
Potion of Heroism180 gp
Potion of Hill Giant StrengthNot Set
Potion of Invisibility180 gp
Potion of Invulnerability3,840 gp
Potion of Longevity9,000 gp
Potion of Maximum Power7,500 gp
Potion of Mind Control (beast)640 gp
Potion of Mind Control (humanoid)1,280 gp
Potion of Mind Control (monster)10,240 gp
Potion of Mind Reading180 gp
Potion of Poison100 gp
Potion of Possibility360 gp
Potion of Resistance300 gp
Potion of Speed400 gp
Potion of Stone Giant Strength1500 gp
Potion of Storm Giant StrengthNot Set
Potion of Superior Healing450 gp
Potion of Supreme Healing1,350 gp
Potion of Vitality960 gp
Potion of Watchful Rest250 gp
Potion of Water Breathing180 gp
Powered Armor32,000 gp + RP
Prayer Bead - Bless2,000 gp
Prayer Bead - Curing4,000 gp
Prayer Bead - Favor32,000 gp
Prayer Bead - Smiting1,500 gp
Prayer Bead - Summons128,000 gp
Prayer Bead - Wind Walking96,000 gp
Pressure Capsule100 gp
Professor Orb1,000 gp
Professor Skant1,200 gp
Propeller Helm2,000 gp
Prosthetic Limb200 gp
Protective Verses8,000 gp
Psi Crystal6,000 gp
Purification Kit5 gp
Pyroconverger8,000 gp
Pyxis of Pandemonium2,500 gp + RP
Quaal's Feather Token Anchor50 gp
Quaal's Feather Token Bird3,000 gp
Quaal's Feather Token Fan250 gp
Quaal's Feather Token Swan Boat3,000 gp
Quaal's Feather Token TreeNot Set
Quaal's Feather Token Whip250 gp
Quiver of Ehlonna1,000 gp
Quiver Scabard10 gp
Rakdos Guild Signet3,000 gp
Rakdos Keyrune400 gp
Rakdos Riteknife5,000 gp
Red Chromatic RoseNot Set
Red Dragon Mask32,500 gp + RP
Reincarnation Dust2,000 gp
Reveler's Concertina25,000 gp
Ring of Air Elemental Command35,000 gp + RP
Ring of Animal Influence4,000 gp
Ring of Djinni SummoningNot Set
Ring of Earth Elemental Command31,000 gp + RP
Ring of Evasion5,000 gp
Ring of Feather Falling2,000 gp
Ring of Fire Elemental Command17,000 gp + RP
Ring of Free Action12,500 gp
Ring of Invisibility10,000 gp + RP
Ring of Jumping1,500 gp
Ring of Mind Shielding16,000 gp
Ring of Obscuring3,000 gp
Ring of Protection3,500 gp
Ring of Regeneration12,000 gp
Ring of Resistance5,500 gp
Ring of Shooting Stars14,000 gp
Ring of Spell Storing24,000 gp
Ring of Spell Turning30,000 gp
Ring of Swimming1,750 gp
Ring of Telekinesis65,000 gp
Ring of Temporal Salvation11,000 gp
Ring of the Ram5,000 gp
Ring of Three WishesNot Set
Ring of Truth Telling3,000 gp
Ring of Warmth1,000 gp
Ring of Water Elemental Command25,000 gp + RP
Ring of Water Walking1,000 gp
Ring of WinterNot Set
Ring of X-Ray Vision5,500 gp
Risian Pine Focus250 gp
Risian Shale Focus250 gp
Robe of Eyes17,500 gp
Robe of Scintillating Colors6,000 gp
Robe of Serpents (One Serpent)200 gp
Robe of Serpents (Two Serpents)400 gp
Robe of Serpents (Three Serpents)600 gp
Robe of Serpents (Four Serpents)800 gp
Robe of Serpents (Five Serpents)1,000 gp
Robe of Serpents (Six Serpents)1,200 gp
Robe of Serpents (Seven Serpents)1,400 gp
Robe of Stars55,000 gp
Robe of Summer6,000 gp
Robe of the Archmagi34,000 gp + RP
Robe of Useful Items (Purchase)1,925 gp
Robe of Useful Items (Sale)50% Remaining Value
Rod of Absorption50,000 gp
Rod of Alertness25,000 gp
Rod of Lordly Might28,000 gp
Rod of ResurrectionNot Set
Rod of Retribution3,000 gp
Rod of Rulership10,500 gp
Rod of Security70,000 gp
Rod of the Pact Keeper +112,000 gp
Rod of the Pact Keeper +216,000 gp
Rod of the Pact Keeper +328,000 gp
Rod of the Vonindod4,000 gp
Rope of Climbing2,000 gp
Rope of Entanglement4,000 gp
Rope of MendingNot Set
Rotor of ReturnNot Set
Ruby of the War MageNot Set
Ruby Weave GemNot Set
Ruin's WakeRoleplay
RuinbladeNot Set
RuinstoneNot Set
Rust Bag of TricksNot Set
Saddle of the Cavalier2,000 gp
Saint Markovia's ThighboneNot Set
Sapphire BucklerNot Set
Scarab of Protection36,000 gp + RP
Scimitar of Speed6,000 gp
Scissors of Shadow SnippingNot Set
Scorpion Armor9,000 gp
Scribe's Pen100 gp
Scroll of Protection180 gp
Scroll of Tarrasque SummoningNot Set
Scroll of the CometNot Set
Seeker Dart75 gp
Sekolahian Worshiping Statuette200 gp
Selesnya Guild Signet3,000 gp
Selesnya Keyrune10,000 gp
Sending Stone1,500 gp
Sending Stones3,000 gp
Sentinel Shield10,500 gp
Serpent Scale Armor8,000 gp
Serpent's Fang4,000 gp
Serpentine Owl8,000 gp
Shadowfell Brand Tattoo10,000 gp
Shadowfell Shard12,000 gp
Shard of the Ise Rune13,000 gp
Shatterspike2,000 gp
Shavarran Birch Focus250 gp
Shavarran Chert Focus250 gp
Shield Guardian AmuletRoleplay
Shield of Expression100 gp
Shield of Far SightNot Set
Shield of Missile Attraction6,000 gp
Shield of the Hidden LordNot Set
Shield of the Uven Rune50,000 gp
Shiftweave100 gp
Silken SpiteRoleplay
Silver Horn of Valhalla5,600 gp
Silver Raven5,000 gp
Silvered Weapons100 gp + WV
Simic Guild Signet3,000 gp
Simic Keyrune6,000 gp
Siren Song Lyre6,000 gp
Skis and Poles15 gp
Skyblinder Staff3,000 gp
Sling Bullets of Althemone (Banishment)580 gp
Sling Bullets of Althemone (Fulguration)320 gp
Sling Bullets of Althemone (Stunning)200 gp
Sling Bullets of Althemone (Tracking)200 gp
Slippers of Spider Climbing5,000 gp
Slumbering Dragon VesselNot Set
Slumbering Dragon's Wrath WeaponNot Set
Slumbering Dragon-Touched FocusNot Set
Slumbering Scaled OrnamentNot Set
Smokepowder (Keg)5,000 gp
Smokepowder(Packet)50 gp
Smoldering Armor100 gp + AV
Snicker-SnackNot Set
Soul BagNight Hag
Soul CoinNot Set
Sovereign Glue400 gp + RP
Speaking Stone1,500 gp
Spear of Backbiting9,000 gp
Speed Juice10 gp
Spell Bottle60,000 gp + RP
Spell Gem (Amber)10,000 gp
Spell Gem (Blood Stone)5,000 gp
Spell Gem (Diamond)100,000 gp + RP
Spell Gem (Jade)16,000 gp
Spell Gem (Lapis Lazuli)500 gp
Spell Gem (Obsidian)100 gp
Spell Gem (Quartz)2,000 gp
Spell Gem (Ruby)50,000 gp + RP
Spell Gem (Star Ruby)35,000 gp + RP
Spell Gem (Topaz)24,000 gp
Spell Scroll Level 015 gp
Spell Scroll Level 125 gp
Spell Scroll Level 2250 gp
Spell Scroll Level 3500 gp
Spell Scroll Level 42,500 gp
Spell Scroll Level 55,000 gp
Spell Scroll Level 615,000 gp
Spell Scroll Level 725,000 gp
Spell Scroll Level 850,000 gp
Spell Scroll Level 9250,000 gp + RP
Spellguard Shield50,000 gp
Spellshard250 gp
Spellwrought Tattoo (1st Level)100 gp
Spellwrought Tattoo (2nd Level)350 gp
Spellwrought Tattoo (3rd Level)750 gp
Spellwrought Tattoo (4th Level)3,750 gp
Spellwrought Tattoo (5th Level)7,500 gp
Spellwrought Tattoo (Cantrip)25 gp
Sphere of Annihilation15,000 gp + RP
Spider Staff12,000 gp
Spies' Murmur3,000 gp
Spyglass of ClairvoyanceNot Set
Staff of Adornment100 gp
Staff of Birdcalls100 gp
Staff of Charming12,000 gp
Staff of Defense11,000 gp
Staff of Dunamancy16,000 gp
Staff of FateNot Set
Staff of Fire16,000 gp
Staff of Flowers100 gp
Staff of Frost26,000 gp
Staff of Healing13,000 gp
Staff of Power72,750 gp
Staff of Striking21,000 gp
Staff of Swarming Insects16,000 gp
Staff of the Adder1,800 gp
Staff of the Forgotten OneNot Set
Staff of the Ivory Claw2,200 gp
Staff of the MagiWaypoint
Staff of the Python2,000 gp
Staff of the Woodlands32,000 gp
Staff of Thunder and Lightning10,000 gp
Staff of Withering3,000 gp
SteelNot Set
Stirring Dragon VesselNot Set
Stirring Dragon's Wrath WeaponNot Set
Stirring Dragon-Touched FocusNot Set
Stirring Scaled OrnamentNot Set
Stone of Controlling Earth Elementals8,000 gp
Stone of GolorrNot Set
Stone Battlement Shield20,000 gp
Stone of Ill Luck101 gp
Stonespeaker Crystal12,500 gp
Storm Boomerang75 gp
Sunblade8,500 gp
Sunforger12,000 gp
Sunhallowed Spear48,000 + RP
SunswordNot Set
Sword of Answering36,000 gp + RP
Sword of KasNot Set
Sword of Life-Stealing1,000 gp + WV
Sword of Sharpness1,700 gp + WV
Sword of the Paruns10,000 gp
Sword of Wounding2,000 gp + WV
Sword of VengeanceNot Set
Sword of ZarielNot Set
Talisman of Pure Good71,680 gp + RP
Talisman of the Sphere20,000 gp + RP
Talisman of Ultimate Evil61,440 gp + RP
Talking Doll200 gp
Tan Bag of TricksNot Set
Tankard of Sobriety100 gp
Teeth of Dahlver-NarNot Set
Tent, Pavilion20 gp
Tentacle Rod5000 gp
The Bloody EndRoleplay
The Infernal Machine of Lum the MadNot Set
Thermal Cube500 gp
Timepiece of TravelNot Set
TinderstrikeNot Set
Topaz AnnihilatorNot Set
Travel Alchemical KitNot Set
Trident of Fish Command800 gp
Tome of Clear Thought100,000 gp
Tome of Leadership and Influence100,000 gp
Tome of the Stilled TongueNot Set
Tome of Understanding100,000 gp
Two-Birds Sling3,000 gp
Unbreakable Arrow50 gp
Uncommon GlamerweaveNot Set
Universal Solvent300 gp + RP
Ventilating LungsNot Set
Veteran's Cane30 gp
Vicious Weapon350 gp + WV
Vorpal Sword24,000 gp + RP
Voting KitNot Set
Vox Seeker600 gp
Voyager Staff60,000 gp
Wakened Dragon VesselNot Set
Wakened Dragon's Wrath WeaponNot Set
Wakened Dragon-Touched FocusNot Set
Wakened Scaled OrnamentNot Set
Walloping AmmunitionNot Set
Wand of Binding7,500 gp
Wand of Conducting100 gp
Wand of Enemy Detection4,000 gp
Wand of Entangle8,000 gp
Wand of Fear7,500 gp
Wand of Fireballs18,500 gp
Wand of Lightning Bolts18,500 gp
Wand of Magic Detection1,000 gp
Wand of Magic Missiles4,250 gp
Wand of OrcusNot Set
Wand of Paralysis16,000 gp
Wand of Polymorph32,000 gp
Wand of PyrotechnicsNot Set
Wand of ScowlsNot Set
Wand of Secrets1,000 gp
Wand of SmilesNot Set
Wand of the War Mage +1850 gp
Wand of the War Mage +24,800 gp
Wand of the War Mage +319,200 gp
Wand of Viscid Globs10,000 gp
Wand of Web4,250 gp
Wand of Winter18,000 gp
Wand of WonderNot Set
Wand Sheath250 gp
Watchful HelmNot Set
Waythe12,000 gp + RP
Weapon of Certain Death2,000 gp + WV
Weapon of Warning8,000 gp
Weird Tank33,000 gp
Well of Many WorldsNot Set
Wheel of StarsNot Set
Wheel of Wind and WaterNot Set
White Chromatic RoseNot Set
White Dragon Mask32,500 gp + RP
Will of the TalonRP
Wind Fan1,000 gp
WindvaneNot Set
Winged Boots8,000 gp
Wings of Flying8,000 gp
Wingwear750 gp
Winter's Dark BiteNot Set
Witchlight VaneNot Set
Witchlight WatchNot Set
Woodcutter's Axe9,000 gp
Wooden Battlement Shield5,000 gp
Wreath of the PrismRoleplay
Wyrmskull ThroneNot Set
Xorian Marble Focus250 gp
Xorian Wenge Focus250 gp
Ythryn MythallarNot Set

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