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Archibald Thinsliver, level 1 Wizard

player name Human ancestry Nomad background good alignment xp
20 age 5'8" height 67kg weight Green eyes Long, straight, black hair
Strength +2
Brawn +1
Agility +2
Mettle +1
Craft +5
Insight +2
Wits +5
Resolve +4

Life:13 of 13
Physical Damage Mod:2
Psychic Damage Mod:5
Armour Type:Clothes
Armour Points:0 of 0
weapons Die roller for bonus rolls: 1d6

Weapon Att Bonus Damage
Staff +0 1d6+2
Dagger +0 1d3+2
L Skill Aspects
  Animal Handling +0
  Athletics +0
  Bargain +0
  Deception +0
Decipher Wit    
       Languages Wit+2    
  Entertain +0
  Empathy +0
Evaluate Wit    
  Fortitude +0
  Intimidate +0
  Investigation +0
Lore Wit    
  Melee +0
  Missile Weapon +0
Notice Wit    
  Persuasion +0
Psychic Wit Ins  
       Defence Wit+2 Ins+2  
  Ride +0
Sleight of Hand Agi    
       Magic Tricks Agi+2    
Spellcasting Wit    
       Arcane Wit+2    
  Stealth +0
Survival Ins Met  
  Throw +0
special abilities Where the People Are: You can sense the general direction of the nearest human settlement of at least a dozen people or more.

Nomad: All human Strangers react one step higher to you on the Attitude Chart.

Psychic Assault: You can initiate Psychic Combat with an Enemy within 10 metres. This attack uses your action for the round. If you get a Standard Success or greater on that attack, you deal 1d6 + Wits damage.

Student of the Cauldron: You can spend an hour and either 1 Light Fate or 1 Gold in supplies to brew an elixir for up to 6 Allies. Each Ally drinking the elixir restores 1d6 Life of damage suffered in Psychic Combat. An Ally can't regain Life from this elixir more than once in a 24-hour period. The elixir loses its efficacy 1 hour after it is finished brewing.
spells Spell Points:5 of 5

Brainwave: You can channel magical energy to boost the mental faculties of yourself or an Ally. Choose either yourself or an Ally within reach. Attempt a Difficulty (11) test as a Free Action. On a success, the target receives a +1 bonus to Craft until the following sunset. Additionally, if you choose an Ally as the target, you and your Ally can communicate telepathically, so long as the two of you are within sight of each other and the spell remains in effect. Such communications are limited to a few words or a single image or sensation. If your Spellcasting test fails, both you and your Ally suffer a minor setback determined by the Game Master.

Lightning Bolt: You can shape destructive magical energy in the form of a lightning bolt you discharge from your hands. Choose an Enemy you can see. Attempt a test against the Enemy's Threat Rating as a Full Action. If the result meets or exceeds the Enemy's Threat Rating, the target takes damage equal to 1d6 + your Craft. The target is also Stunned until the start of your next turn.

Sleep: You can magically dull the mind of an Enemy and cause it to fall asleep. Identify an Enemy you can see. Attempt a test with Difficulty equal to the target's Threat Rating. On a success, the target falls prone and enters a deep slumber for a number of minutes equal to your Craft; however, another creature can awaken the target by spending a Full Action to shake it vigorously.
equipment Gold: 7
Item Load
Staff 3
Dagger 1
Spellbook 1
Book of Lore (Spirits) 1
Haversack (bedroll, tinderbox, mess kit, water bottle, lantern, 2 flasks of oil) 1 (3)
Pen and ink 1
Sheets of parchment -
Max load: 10, current load: 8
followers Cat
Look Again: Once per day, you may reroll a failed Notice test.
Life: 5
Max Loyalty: 4
Restore Loyalty: Restores 1 Loyalty when you give it a treat equal to 1 ration.
magic items

Notice: rolls are 3d6, the third die is the Kismet die, if it rolls 1 (additionally marked with __), the GM gets a Dark Fate point, if it rolls a 6 (additionally marked with **), player gets a Light Fate point. Example rolls: first scores an 11 and gives a Dark Fate Point to the GM: [4, 6]+[1__] = 11, second scores a 10 and gives a Light Fate Point to the player: [2, 2]+[6**] = 10

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