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Varus Quexticus, level 1 Warrior

player name Human ancestry Farmer background good alignment xp
20 age 185cm height 94kg weight Blue eyes Trimmed brown hair
description Varus has a well built, stocky frame. He uses primarily axes in combat, both thrown and for melee combat while holding a shield in his other hand. His armor has a mixture of chainmail and animal hide; the bear head he wears over his head and down his back being a particularly proud piece.   He has since modified his wooden shield to have spikes for bashing, though still carries a spare shield in case his spiked one breaks.
Strength +5
Brawn +5
Agility -1
Mettle +4
Craft +2
Insight +1
Wits +1
Resolve +2

Life:19 of 19
Physical Damage Mod:5
Psychic Damage Mod:2
Armour Type:Chain
Armour Points:9 of 9
weapons Die roller for bonus rolls: 1d6

Weapon Att Bonus Damage
Axe +6 1d6+5
L Skill Aspects
  Animal Handling +0
Athletics Bra Agi Met
       Swimming Bra+2 Agi+2 Met+2
  Bargain +0
  Deception +0
  Decipher +0
  Entertain +0
  Empathy +0
  Evaluate +0
Fortitude Met Res  
Intimidate Res    
       Physical Coercion Res+2    
  Investigation +0
Melee Bra Agi  
       Axe Bra+2 Agi+2  
  Missile Weapon +0
Notice Wit    
  Persuasion +0
  Psychic +0
Ride Agi Ins  
  Stealth +0
  Survival +0
Throw Agi Bra  
       Axe Agi+2 Bra+2  
Tinker Bra Agi Ins
special abilities Farmer: All human peasants on farms or pastoral locations react one step higher to you on the Attitude Chart.

Where the People Are: You can sense the general direction of the nearest human settlement of at least a dozen people or more.

Armour Training: You've learned to comfortably wear heavy armour, such as chainmail or plate armour. You suffer no Agility penalties from wearing an kind of armour.

Shield Master: When carrying a ready shield, you can use it to block all damage to yourself and anyone next to you. You can even do this when you've already taken an action. You do not suffer a penalty to Agility when using a shield. Also, you shield doesn't break when you roll a 4, 5, or 6 (instead breaking on a 5 or 6).

Might Blow: With a weapon in hand, you're a force to be reckoned with. When you roll a Standard Success or better on an attack test, you can spend 1 Light Fate to reduce your target's armour by 3 before resolving damage; this effect last until the end of the next round.
spells Spell Points:0 of 0

equipment Gold: 9
Item Load
Axe (3) 3
Chainmail 4
Haversack (bedroll, tinderbox, 50 feet of rope, 10 pitons, hammer, mess kit, water bottle, 10 torches, whetsone) 1 (4)
Spiked Shield 2
Shield 1
Max load: 25, current load: 11
followers Dog
Scent Tracking: This Follower can track a living being whose scent it knows or can detect. When making a Tracking test with this Follower, you gain a Bonus Die.
Life: 10
Max Loyalty: 8
Restore Loyalty: Once per day, you may restore 1 Loyalty for this Follower by feeding 1 ration.
magic items
notes Standing over 180 centimetres tall and nearly 100 kilos, Varus is a hulking individual, though has a soft heart. He was once a farmhand, and became inspired to try out adventuring after a band of adventurers stopped over at his farm one day and awed him with their stories of battling creatures and overcoming incredible odds.

Not being the brightest person, Varus immediately desired to have his adventure. He took his woodcutting axe as a weapon, and made a simple shield out of wood to defend him. Using his saved gold, he bought a set of chainmail from the local blacksmith and ventured out into the world, taking the family mule with him.

Notice: rolls are 3d6, the third die is the Kismet die, if it rolls 1 (additionally marked with __), the GM gets a Dark Fate point, if it rolls a 6 (additionally marked with **), player gets a Light Fate point. Example rolls: first scores an 11 and gives a Dark Fate Point to the GM: [4, 6]+[1__] = 11, second scores a 10 and gives a Light Fate Point to the player: [2, 2]+[6**] = 10

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