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Discord: Catoblepon#4278
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Twitter: Catoblepon Ko-fi: Catoblepon
Commission Info
Please contact me through Discord (Catoblepon#4278) or Twitter (@Catoblepon). If it is possible, add a rough sketch of the town you want me to map, if that is not an option a detailed description of the town will suffice. If you have additional references or links, please include them in your message.
I will ask 10€ before the draw; Once I receive payment I will contact you a soon as possible (I see messages faster in Discord than in Twitter) and ask you questions about how your preferences for the map. It usually takes me between 7 and 15 days to finish a map, and I'll try to send you the progress with every major change at the end of the day (In my timezone, GTM +1, Spain). You can use the commission however you like but I'd like to be credited, especially if it is for commercial use. I will only refund if I have not started to draw your commission, refunds will not be made once the commission is started. If the work cannot be done on my side for any reason (or you asked for a refund before I start working) I will refund through PayPal in less than 5 days. Be aware that I will refund the amount that I received, so the refund you will receive will have PayPal fees subtracted from it.
  • Small/Medium town map (b&w): 20€
    • Colour: +5€
    • Big town (not a city): +5€
    • Detailed/complex structures: +5€
  • Cave map (b&w): 20€
    • Colour: +5€
    • Details: +5€
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