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Hi there~! I studied English for 4 years and have 6 years of work experience proofreading and editing for American English. I make world, regional, and battle maps on Inkarnate.   Please reach out to email before making purchase to establish lines of communication and discuss expectations. There may be discounts; please ask! I will send product samples to ensure product is meeting expectations. As such, payment is upfront. All commissions will be delivered within 2 week after payment. There is a $5 cancellation fee.  

I charge a base amount depending on the kind of editing you would like done, then charge per word based on the length of the document. Kind of Editing: $3 for proofreading; $5 for development editing; $8 for line editing. Rates for Length: 0.015¢ per word (or $15 per 1000 words) for works around 2.5k words; 0.012¢ per word ($12 per 1000 words) for works around 10k words. 0.008¢ per word ($8 per 1000 words) for works greater than 10k.

$7 per small battlemap or a battlemap with a single room/floor/area; $15 per large battlemaps or battlemaps with multifloored; $35 for Regional maps or Village/Town/City maps; $70 per World Maps. A pack of any of these maps are their prices added and discounted 35%.

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It's Moro!.

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