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Stars Without Number Revised
NameAleister Crowley
SpeciesHuman GenderMale
EmployerThe order of the Dawn/ House Gloyster
Level9 XP81
8 9 10 14 14 12
0 0 0 +1 +1 0

Systen Strain Perm. HP MAX HP CURR
10 34

AB / Saving Throws
+4 7 6 6
RDY Weapon Dmg Range/Shock #
Telekinetic ding +3
Mods AB +8
Knife 1d4
Mods AB +0
Plasma projector 2
Mods AB +4
RDY Armor AC
Armoured vac suit 13
Telekinetic armour 18
Haxegon Assault Suit 18
Psi Assault Suit 18
Cybernetics / Innate Abilities

43563 (owed: 0)

Survey scanner 1
Binoculars TL3 1
Survival kit 1
Backpack TL4 0
Compad 0
8 type A cells 1
armoured Vac suit 13 ac 02
knife 1
Book over wetgeving parasteh 0
Telekinetic gen 2
Portabox 1
necklace van greyscale met vierkantje voor vriend buiten 0
Mandate Bases list 0
Anti allergen 70
Hexagrom Asault Suit 2
plasma projector 2
3 flessen wodka van Astria 1
Psi asault suit 1
Skill Points: 1
Skill Lvl
Skills (unlearned)
Skill Lvl
Talk as a bonus skill, ken alle common talen in de sector, kan alle talen leren in 1 week fluent in 1 maand. reroll 1en in alle negotiation en diplomatic checks.

Once per game session, shift an intelligent
NPC’s reaction roll one step closer to friendly if
you can talk to them for at least thirty seconds.
Psychic trainingLvl2
+1 max effort
+3 skillpoints in precog
When you advance a level, the bonus psychic
skill you chose for the first level of the focus automatically
gets one skill point put toward increasing (punten over: 0)
it or purchasing a technique from it. You may
save these points for later, if more are required to
raise the skill or buy a particular technique. These
points are awarded retroactively if you take this
focus level later in the game.
Psionic Disciplines
Effort: 5, max: 7
Doe een oracle voor iets, 1 minuut van de nabije toekomst, maximaal 1 week in de toekomst. 1 effort for the day
Destiny's shieldLvl2
Commit effort for the day force 1 reroll op een successvolle hit op mij, max 1 keer per atack
Terminal ReflectionLvl1
Automatise warning voordat er een ambush of trap etc is, commit 1 effort for the day anders gaat de skill numb
Telekinetic manipulationLvl0
Till iets met mn mind op van max 200kg. 20 meter range 1 efoort for the scene. kan infinitly het up houden maar als ik iets anders wil tillen moet ik de eerste droppen. doet 1d6 dmg als ik iets ermee probeer te crushen.
Alternate OutcomeLvl2
The precog can sense impending failure and attempt to salvage the action. As an Instant action, the precog can target a visible ally or their own self and Commit Effort for the day to allow the target to reroll a failed hit roll, saving throw, or skill check, taking the better of the two rolls. This power disrupts delicate lines of probability, however, and cannot be used on any given target more than once a day.
Telekinetic armouryLvl1
Creer wapens er armour van telekinetische energie. commit effort. kan het zolang ophouden als ik wil en de gear kan visible of invisible zijn. Wapens gelden als tl4 rifle of advance melee wapen. armour is ac 15. voor de atack gebruik ik mn telekinese skill met wisdom modifier.
instant vooran in iniLvl1
instant vooran in ini
Cursed LuckLvl3
Negative probabilities are woven tightly around a visible animate target, including robots and animals but not including vehicles. Triggering this technique requires a Main Action and Committing Effort for the scene. The target must roll any attack rolls, damage rolls, skill checks, and saving throws twice and take the worst result each time. Any attempts to hit the target or damage dice rolled against it may be rolled twice and the better result taken. Intelligent targets can make a Mental saving throw at the end of each round to throw off the effect; this save is not penalized by the power.
Slip FieldLvl2
As a Main Action, the psychic Commits Effort for the scene and decreases the friction at a point in sight. Up to ten meters in diameter is affected, making it difficult for enemies to move from their current position. All chosen targets must make an Evasion saving throw or fall prone, becoming unable to stand up or move more than a meter per Move action taken. If used against a ground vehicle, the driver must make a Dex/Pilot skill check at a difficulty of 8 plus the adept’s Telekinesis skill or go out of control, driving directly forward for a round and crashing into any obstacles. Targets who save are immune to this technique for the scene
Reactive TelekenisisLvl3
As an Instant action, the psychic can Commit Effort for the scene whenever an assailant misses them with a physical attack. The attack is then reflected back against the assailant, who must reroll the attack against their own person twice. If either roll hits, the assailant suffers damage from their own attack. If both rolls hit, the damage is the maximum possible.
Not my timeLvl4
The precog instinctively wrenches the lines of probability away from futures in which they are about to die. This technique triggers automatically when the precog is about to die, provided they can Commit Effort for the day. On triggering, random events somehow conspire to leave the precog alive, even if outrageous coincidences and ridiculous luck are required. Provided the precog doesn’t intentionally thrust herself back into danger, their life is secured for the next few minutes at least, though there’s no guarantee the psychic will survive intact in mind or body. This technique can trigger no more often than once per week.
Current Goals
Goal XP
Explore iets
Desert world: Mortese, stad Parasteh, Steden in kraters omdat stormen. Eagles of the law vliegen rond met vleugels. Psyionics zijn geaccepteerd. Gang in een of andere stalen missile construction die schepen uit de lucht knalt (Crimson riders). Potentieel genetische enhancement voor de higher ups. Alles is recht ingedeelt net als de regels. hebben wat issues met rebellen.Jacon de hoverbike refurbisher.

Scale eye, hebben kettingen die hun persoonlijkheid aangeven. gozer die griefo heet leert me de language. Scale eye zijn tl-0, grote insecten met communiceren met klikjes. De scaleeye leven in de jungle en de flatlands. Nieuwe groep scale eye die de weedrex heten. Leven rond de grens. leven in tribes van rond 30 met veel uitwisseling. Gebruiken veel steelfeathers voor armour en wapens. sommige hebben een klein beetje technologie opgepikt. daarom is het verboden om te traden. Ze weten ook hoe ze sittar iron gebruiken, over het algemeen zijn ze niet ageressief.

Rustcross heeft vape bloemen geeft +1 op alle mental stats. en 1 effort.
gele warpaint joepie
+2 ikewa resistance

Thule, de man die alles heeft wat goed is enzo

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