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NameTortuga typeShuttle
hp15 ac11
armor0 speed3
power3/2 free mass5/0 free
crew min max1/20 hull classFighter
fittingsSpike Drive-1
Atmospheric Configuration
Extended Life Support, 6 tons cargo
cost210K base price, 10,500 maintenance, 43,800 yearly crew cost for 1 pilot
This craft is a conventional civilian shuttle, albeit one with a spike drive sufficient to get it to a neighboring system and enough passenger space to make it a minimally-acceptable transport for brave VIPs and light cargo. If used as an inter-system transport, however, at least three crew will be needed to safely navigate a drill.   While cheap and flexible, the shuttle is entirely unarmed and acutely vulnerable to piracy or hostile warships. In such cases the pilot’s only recourse is to surrender or hope the small craft’s nimble maneuver drives can keep it away from the attacker long enough to get to safety.
crewTom Fripps crew skill+1
cargo5t Neutronium npc cp4
notesTom is smuggling illegal wares using a small shuttle.

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