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Incubation: Instantaneous
Potency: 12+
Decay: 1 week
Shock: 0 / 3 / 6
Scratch: Extreme stinging and burning sensation on the spot of contact. The pain subsides within an hour.
Light Injury: Extreme, all encompassing, unbearable pain paralyses the bodypart that came into contact with the toxin.
Serious Injury: Utterly debilitating pain. A burning, seething, stinging, unbearable pain that completely prevents the person from doing anything but focusing on enduring the pain.
Fatal injury: An absolutely agonizing, unbearable pain drives the person insane and their only recourse is to kill themselves. Alternatively the pain is so strong it causes heart failure.

The Devilweed is a plant that grows all over Arjin, to the great chagrin of its inhabitants. It is a small, green, unremarkable plant that usually grows in small shrubberies or on plains. If it wasn't for its one defining feature, this plant would be completely forgotten and unremarkable. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The Devilweed is extraordinarily toxic. It's leaves and stem is covered in transparent, barely visible hairs that function as hypodermic needles. If one as much as brushes against the plant with any exposed skin, the plant will inject enough poison to cause excruciating and debilitating pain. It is so powerful an experience that several people throughout history have killed themselves, only to escape the pain. For this reason, the Devilweed have gained a nickname as the "Suicide plant".   Once the pain subsides, there are generally no ill effects or damage.

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